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September 21, 2011

chicken nuggets: baked.

The word "baked," when used with no words succeeding it, reminds me of the Urban Decay eyeshadow palette that I really want. It has vivid gold and bronze colors and eyeliner, along with a bright teal shadow.

It also reminds me of a popular college pasttime bad habit in which people should never partake. 

But when used in association with food, it's fine! 

I was at Zumba with my friend one day and she was telling me about these chicken nuggets she made, and how they were baked. I thought they sounded amazing, so she made some to bring to a potluck we had soon after with another friend of ours. And they were so good! 

So I decided to make my own nugs. And they came out really good.

September 9, 2011

pink buttercream cupcakes.

I made these for my friends at school. They have pink frosting!!

I like to state the obvious.

Actually, there is so much history behind these cupcakes. The simplicity these convey is a facade for the events that occurred while they existed. 

Earthquakes, ants, disasters galore! 

Let me explain.

September 8, 2011

buttermilk chocolate cake: revisited.

School has begun. Which means I most definitely will not have time/resources to post as frequently as I had the pleasure of doing this summer.

I actually surprised myself this entire summer, with the extent to which I was posting. As I mentioned in my introductory blogpost, I started a tumblr in my senior year of high school that kind of fizzled out.

It's funny, but I remember starting this blog at the end of my freshman year - a terrible time, due to finals, studying, stress, etc. But this blog is like an outlet for me. I can say whatever I want. I can get my randomness out on here instead of bothering my suitemates. I also find that the amount I talk about food to people & on Facebook has also decreased.

See, this blog is making me a normal human being!

And although I doubt many people visit here, one of the few comments I have received has already influenced me.

September 3, 2011

shadowbox jewelry holder.

Okay, this is a DIY post. I am thinking maybe I should have changed the name of this blog to imply more than just food posts .. but this is my personal online forum to do whatever I want. And I want to share this DIY project.

When work ended, I had a full free week to relax before school started.

So what did I do? Set my alarm for 7:30 on Monday morning to get up ... for no reason. Because I was so used to waking up early for work, I found during that last weekend, the absolute latest I could sleep till was 8:30am. And while some may read this in disbelief or pity me, I actually enjoyed this fact.

Once school starts, I have three 8:55am classes a week, which means I have to wake up early to get ready and start walking to class. I wanted to maintain my sleeping habits that working had instilled in me - 7:30 is a bit much, but if I slept by 11 everyday and woke up by 8:30 .. well I would be extremely pleased with myself.

But during that week, there was only one problem - I had way too much time on my hands.

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