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May 9, 2012

i deserve to be a little selfish.

Wow, when did it get to be mid-May? The last day of finals is almost over, and hopefully I'll have plans for Wednesday night, before I move out bright & early Thursday morning!

It's gun be werd. It hasn't hit me yet, so I haven't been in a particularly reflective mood. If anything, over a week of straight studying has accelerated me losing my mind and increasing in ridiculousness. And girth. I feel like that word makes people uncomfortable.

Not I! I've actually been thinking about things I want. That sounds selfish. They're not, really. For instance ..

1. I want my nails back. Stress, I despise thee.

2. I want to make [a meal of] savory pizza monkey bread and then sweet cinnamony-cream cheese glazy monkey bread.

3. An A in physics!!! 1.3 points away. That's unreal. And it's all because I spent my life doing orgo for days and then a couple hours for physics. Neglect. It gets you in bad places. Don't do it, to kids or to schoolwork. (edit - just checked. 87 is an A. I got 86.5. #win)

4. Speaking of orgo, I'd like to burn this card (along with my tons of other notes). We were allowed a 4x6" index card to write notes on for the monstrosity that was the final. I was very close to installing magnifying glasses in my eyeballs.

5. Getting to more selfish topics, I would really like these trousers. Don't trousers sound classy? I'd like to munch on diamond-shaped pieces of Hungarian shortbread while sipping chai. Wearing trousers and a blouse. Or a cute crop top. Gotta lose that girth first ..

6. To watch an Indian movie. I have been feeling especially Indian, lately. (this may happen tonight)

7. To get dressed up for something, like a wedding or banquet. I wanna do ma hur. Not nails because I don't have any. And buy a pretty dress. And wear it.

8. Make frangipane. I adore it.

9. Find a job! Preferably at a place that will look good for med school or a bakery.

10. Bond with the 2013 DM Catering team! As a freshly hired Assistant Director, I get to be more involved in things and meet people on the CPT. #soexcited.

11. Run. And then walk. And run again. For hours.

12. Finally, I want to go home. See my parents. My family. My dog. My best friend, who finished finals days ago .. #jealous. See my other good friends at home. Play Wii with them in my basement. Lose, as usual. Pig out. Ah, the good life.

So much personal pronoun business going on up there .. I I I. Needa stop that.

How YOU doin? How was your day? You can tell me out loud, I'll hear you through your computer screen .. no big deal, you won't look questionable or weird or anything. Trust me, there are worse things. Like eating muffins and blueberry bagels off a platter that was on top of a *garbage can.

Desperate times, desperate measures.

And with that profound sentiment, I shall leave you to your own devices.

*The food was perfectly sanitary. Andrea & I had been studying long hours and were starving .. like, we wouldn't have made it another second without eating. I would do the same again.


  1. I was told to check you out because you bake too. >.>


    1. You bake, as well? Find anything you particularly enjoy in my blog?

    2. I'm a typical male baker.

      It's late at night to me, so you'll get a very honest / blunt response. Even some of the things I saw are hypocritical.

      I apologize in advance if you find anything about what I say offensive...

      The recipes seem typical with some forced experimentation. The rose & pb seems like a waste to flavor that way. At least you went half-purist with making your own oreos, but 'rose flavoring'...? Blame my love for Alton Brown on that, make your own rosewater for pretty much free (minus the hour or few that it takes)

      The writing style doesn't catch me.
      I interpret it as "Omg. Look at me!"

      I have no blog. I recreate. I know theory. I trace lines, but I color outside those lines. My greatest failure: pb & whiskey glaze. Something that surprised me: replacing eggs for vinegar and water (in cookies).

      Thing I enjoy?
      You're trying. You're taking something you love doing and showing it to others.

      Yours truly,
      Kektklik Ignias Xiron

  2. I'm a better Anonymous and you are a douche. Thank you. Don't come again!

    1. Lol... I just saw this.

      Isn't it best to be honest?


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