Welcome to my blog, where one may find all sorts of random, hopefully amusing tidbits about food & other things.

Who am I?

Welcome! Although this blog takes a lot of time, most of my responsibility is as an undergraduate majoring in biological sciences, on a pre-medical track I'M A REAL PERSON NOW. I really do love baking though and always try to venture out into cooking things, as well. I want food to play a major role in my future, whether it remain a hobby or turn into something more.

This blog was the result of 5-6 years' interest in food. I had been immersed in food - handling it, watching it on TV (oh yes, I knew Ina, Giada, and Alton very well), and following food blogs with a dedication unlike any other. I waited a bit before deciding to enter this online community of foodies. I started a tumblr that was doing okay failed pretty quickly. Besides a stray 2010 post on this blog, I began blogging quite consistently after some light persuasion by my suitemates (of my freshman year in college, one of whom I still live with now in my senior year) to restart my blog, and I'm glad I listened.

I am working on becoming more creative and overall better with my photography and editing skills. Sometimes I read older posts, from when this blog was first burgeoning, and I laugh. It's interesting to see the person I was and compare myself then with who I am today, still growing.

My goals for this blog are to connect with others who share the same passion as I do for food, as well as record my progress through life, as my situations continually change. The main thread, the common fiber, will always be food.

Happy eating and reading!

Roommate (left) and I !

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