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December 31, 2012

millionaire's shortbread.

Doesn't the name of these bars sound fancy? You don't need to own a yacht (or yachtmaster!) and wear  limited edition $50 Gucci t-shirts to make / eat these.

They have a shortbread crust, similar to that of my recent eggnog cheesecake. Its high fat to flour ratio makes for a crumbly, absolutely delicious base to the bars.

Sweetened condensed milk is reduced until thick and slightly golden in color, before being poured atop the buttery crust. The milk turns into a light, milky caramel that is sweetly fragrant, and firms as it sets.

Finishing off the entire bar is a layer of chocolate, melted down with just a touch of ghee (butter is traditionally used). That last little addition prevents the chocolate from hardening to a stiff, un-cut-able shell, and lends a silkier mouthfeel to the chocolate.

December 28, 2012

eggnog ricotta cheesecake.

Coming home is the most wonderful thing ever. I am always reminded of how important family is, and that there is more to the world than just education, although that's obviously important too.

I have also become enlightened in many different ways. For one, my parents are an unending source of wisdom. And humor. Yesterday my dad mentioned how he totally expected me to come home with a puppy, as I've been wanting one for a while. 

I said our current dog would act motherly towards the puppy. He responded by saying no, the puppy would just be annoying to my current dog, and bite her legs all the time. 

My mom countered by pointing out that my little brother doesn't bite my legs all the time, so why would a puppy bite my dog's legs?

December 23, 2012

cranberry walnut stuffed french toast.

Sometimes you want to forego the oatmeal and cereal for a hearty, sweet, satisfying breakfast. This definitely fills all those requirements.

December 19, 2012

specialty pans: zoo animals & stars!

Holiday time has arrived! I am inclined to put a little more effort into making things look nice and be more themed around this time of year.

Enter: these molds.

Look at them. They're adorable! I want to go buy a pretty plate so I can display them on something other than a scratched up 9x13 baking pan or the really old white bowl I eat oatmeal in. Actually, with only one final to go and all day to study, I may just go shopping now ...

But that's besides the point. The focus is on these molds.

December 7, 2012

review: Pepperidge Farm Caramel Apple bread!

So I was excited, because this bread was quite a journey to get, and at the time, I thought, wow! I have an epic story to tell about this bread for my blog!

But now it's one day later, and my story doesn't seem quite so epic anymore.

I'll still say it, now I've brought it up. I was returning from class, and decided to stop by the new awesome grocery store nearby before going home. I pick up green squash, black cherry Chobani, some dried lentils to use in my new teeny pressure cooker, and then what do I see?

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