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April 23, 2011

date-walnut bread with lots of other good things inside.

When I was younger, I used to think I was really clever that I knew what dates were and my 10-11 year old peers did not. The dialogue would continue as follows:
me: don't you just love dates?
friend: uh ... sure?
me: they're just so good.
friend: yeah, i guess. ... wait, you mean with like two people getting dinner or something right?
me: nahh bruah, the dried fruit!
friend: what?!
explanation followed.

I wasn't so snobby (or ghetto), I was actually really quiet. But I was proud of myself for being aware of this random piece of food knowledge. To this day, I enjoy knowing everything about food, although I don't flaunt it as I did in the past. And yes, to this day, my stories generally continue to lack a point and/or climaxes.

April 17, 2011

pizza toast.

I was lazy, but hungry. And so this happened. What is it?

chocolate makes things better, no?

It's 6:32am, on a Sunday morning .. rain is falling. steal some covers, share some skin. clouds are shrouding us in moments unforgettable ...

That was appropes.

Anywayyz, the only things I have made after the nutella pretzel brownies (a while ago) are these chocolate covered miscellaneous items:

April 8, 2011

LIMITLESS [additions to brownies]

That's a movie, right? One of my friends elaborately explained the concept of that movie to me one day. I'm not much for movies, though.

Too bad that friend wasn't here for this past weekend; he would have really enjoyed the Nutella-Swirled Pretzel Topped Brownies I made yesterday.

Yep, that's Nutella in the title.

April 2, 2011

bovine & walnut-ricotta cake with orange curd.

A goal I recently made is to travel to Tibet & raise a yak. Why Tibet? Well, in one of my courses, I learned about how the North & Northwest areas of China are not getting enough water to sustain the population there. As a result, there are methods being implemented to direct water from the South & Southeast areas to the North & NW. There are many problems and expenses associated with this endeavor. For example, eastern India & Bengal would suffer, as would Tibet.

And if water was less readily available in Tibet, then the inhabitants of Tibet would be detrimentally affected. The people would not get as much water as they need. The yaks would not get the water they need. They would only get minimal water, and in turn, their ordinarily luscious fur would turn mangy. Now, my goal is to raise a yak in Tibet. My baby ain't gonna have NO MANGY FUR.

Therefore, Northern Asia better get their act together if they intend to avoid my angry letters & protests regarding the health of the yaks in the Tibetan region.
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