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April 17, 2011

chocolate makes things better, no?

It's 6:32am, on a Sunday morning .. rain is falling. steal some covers, share some skin. clouds are shrouding us in moments unforgettable ...

That was appropes.

Anywayyz, the only things I have made after the nutella pretzel brownies (a while ago) are these chocolate covered miscellaneous items:

My suitemate, that I stalk Tastespotting & pick at cake/brownie crumbs with, had a bar of chili chocolate from Lindt, and since we were in a very culinary mood, we decided to melt it down & coat things with it.

Things like food ... yeah. Be embarrassed for thinking of other things.
The items readily available to us were what we used: mini saltines (so cute!), a milano cookie, and a vienna finger.

That's a mini saltine with unhardened chocolate. Doesn't it look like a mini poptart? SO CUTEEE; as one of my suitemates would say, mmm mmm mmm!

For the vienna finger, we actually collected as much of the chocolate as we could and scooped it into the middle.

Really random post, but hey, it's currently 6:54am and I am no closer to sleeping than I was at 5, when I woke up.

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