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April 8, 2011

LIMITLESS [additions to brownies]

That's a movie, right? One of my friends elaborately explained the concept of that movie to me one day. I'm not much for movies, though.

Too bad that friend wasn't here for this past weekend; he would have really enjoyed the Nutella-Swirled Pretzel Topped Brownies I made yesterday.

Yep, that's Nutella in the title.

So in college, it is quite difficult to make things. Both because there is no time, and also, finding the means to produce a fabulous portion of baked good is very hard. Especially when you don't have a car, and must depend on .. uh. packaged cake mixes. from the campus center.

Actually, I have not had to refer to them yet! Thankfully. Another thing for which I am thankful is that my suitemate actually does have a car! So if we ever go anywhere, there is at least the potential to stop by ShopRite.

Well yesterday, I somehow by fluke got involved in a brownie-making session. Everything was just lying there: brownie mix (ahh I know. but I actually prefer brownie boxed mix to homemade), oil, pan, mixing bowl, mixing spoon, milk, and eggs.

J'adore les pieces qui est SUPER FUDGY.

It was so beautiful. Of course I twisted the recipe:
-added milk instead of water
-eyeballed all the liquid ingredients, because psh, who uses measuring cups anymore?! (actually, we just didn't have them to our disposal)
-someone crushed Famous Amos cookies that we added in.
-mixed up Nutella really quickly with some oil & an egg yolk. marbled it in.
-got thin rod pretzels. placed them in vertical fashion over half of the brownie.
-used two boxes for a pan slightly smaller than 13x9" ... oh yes. they were little fatties.

I think that was all .. and of course ate them just barely done, immediately out of the oven, with Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

That one occurrence last night put me in a good mood for a full 24 hours .. I woke up the next day smiling, and was smiling for no reason until recently, when I read 16 pages straight of biology and outlined my notes.

Still, there's nothing like the process of baking, and then ending up with the most delicious brownies I have ever tasted. And sharing with people from the first floor who had to bear the divine smell of chocolate and caramelization. and those 2 guys playing ping pong like champs. and the 2 other people playing pool like ... well I didn't really know them. and my RA who was on duty and also had to deal with the heavenly scent that was coming from something even more ethereal. And then getting hugged by four not-so-measly guys ... I would say "enveloped in a straitjacket of cologne" to be artsy and if I hadn't enjoyed it ... but I can't deny that I enjoyed it.

"Food is delicious." - quoted by yours truly. I was actually considering starting a blog of all my profound quotes, but I decided I had too many.

No recipe required, I think. Unfortunately, I don't have any good pictures. :( Here's all that was left of the enormous batch:

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