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March 12, 2011

chocolate presto pound cake.

I rarely make a recipe word for word according to the recipe, but this time I can say I just about did. The only difference I made was switching out two tablespoons of regular flour for whole wheat flour.

I followed a recipe from my much perused copy of Small-Batch Baking by Debby Nakos. This cookbook is a compilation of recipes designed to provide much smaller portion sizes, usually enough for two to four people. As much as I almost never follow a recipe word for word, I never bake from cookbooks- except for this one.
Due to the amount of times I bake in a given period, especially after a long hiatus, it is not practical for me to make multiple full-size recipes. So I scale them down, which requires a pretty extensive knowledge of conversions between metric and non-metric scales & divisions into amounts such as a third of 1/8 teaspoon. Thus, this book makes it a lot easier for me to make small amounts of cake, cookies, etc. without the extra effort (although I usually enjoy any extra effort baking requires .. don't judge me.)


So this blog was randomly created a while ago, and due to my being away from a kitchen with proper supplies, ingredients, and appliances, I have been unable to update it with my creations/experimentations.
It's unfortunate. However, I am on a mission to attempt to fix that problem.
Click here to view a few of the things I announced publicly in the past concerning my kitchen escapades.
And visit frequently for future posts ;)
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