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March 31, 2011

mah fave: german chocolate cake [from mix]

Favorite. Cake. Ever.

Ever since I discovered German Chocolate Cake, I have been in love.

Sorry, the pictures aren't great; I'm working on that.

The actual cake part is not supremely chocolatey, which is perfect as a vehicle for the caramel, coconut & pecan frosting. Oh, that frosting ... I die.

German Chocolate Cake was actually not invented in Germany; it originated in America. The "German" part refers to the chocolate that is used to make the cake, which in turn refers to Samuel German, who actually invented the chocolate.

Anyway, it is optional to have an additional layer of chocolate fudge frosting piped around the border of the top of the cake. Personally, I need that chocolate frosting. It completes the entire thing for me, and introduces a more chocolatey aspect into the cake. I'm not sure what else to say about this ... the taste is heavenly, the cake layers are light, and the frosting is delicious. Especially when eaten with a spoon.

This time, my mom had actually gotten an Ina Garten baking mix for German Chocolate Cupcakes. Of course, I made a layer cake, as I generally have an aversion to cupcakes. I also whipped up some of my favorite chocolate frosting ever to put on top. Ina Garten mixes are high-quality. I still don't enjoy making things from mixes, however, although it was much quicker for me to prepare the cake, obviously. The mix comes with three packets.

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