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February 15, 2013

heart cupcakes.


Did you have any delicious treats on Valentine's Day? Chocolate, maybe? I hope it was dark. 60% and above only, please.

I was treated to a lot of Reese's pb cups, Lindt orange chocolate, sugar cookies, and a hilarious valentine's card. I know it's a controversial holiday, but it's nice to see all you have to be thankful for. Your love doesn't only extend to a significant other! Remember your siblings? And the (brave, let's be honest) people who raised you? I'm sure they deserve your appreciation, too.

February 10, 2013

review: Swad portable bhel puri!

I'm a fan of all food. Other than red meat, I will try (and eat) anything. There are two characteristics of food that particularly appeal to me.

One is a cute or interesting name. You could make regular homemade pudding, put it in fancy glasses, call it budino, and I would be sold. If you want to attract my total attention on foodgawker, put "creme," "creamy," or "custard" in the name. Affogato. Kulcha. Frangipane. I love them all, even more so because they just sound so delicious to say. 

I guess that also explains my attraction to foreign desserts. Besides sounding pretty, their cultural background is so intriguing. 

The second aspect of food is size - I love love love mini food. Whoopie pies? Why not make them a little larger than a quarter! Those fudgy two-bite brownies at Shoprite? Beautiful. Individual pot pies in ramekins? So good. 

February 7, 2013

hummingbird cake: birthday edition.

(Pictures coming soon ... actually that's a lie, we finished the cake off yesterday. Oops, sorry!)

My birthday was in January. My roommates made me a cake ... it's tradition, we've talked about this.

First we went out to Jose Tejas for a belated birthday dinner. The wait was pretty long, as they don't take reservations (why), but it was soo worth it. Their food? Very good. I recommend the swordfish tacos veracruz, with fresh mango salsa and grilled avocado. I also recommend at least one margarita, preferably strawberry. Delicious and dangerous if taken on an empty stomach. 

The very fun night ended with us chilling till late, talking and joking around while picking out of this cake, in traditional fashion. 

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