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February 10, 2013

review: Swad portable bhel puri!

I'm a fan of all food. Other than red meat, I will try (and eat) anything. There are two characteristics of food that particularly appeal to me.

One is a cute or interesting name. You could make regular homemade pudding, put it in fancy glasses, call it budino, and I would be sold. If you want to attract my total attention on foodgawker, put "creme," "creamy," or "custard" in the name. Affogato. Kulcha. Frangipane. I love them all, even more so because they just sound so delicious to say. 

I guess that also explains my attraction to foreign desserts. Besides sounding pretty, their cultural background is so intriguing. 

The second aspect of food is size - I love love love mini food. Whoopie pies? Why not make them a little larger than a quarter! Those fudgy two-bite brownies at Shoprite? Beautiful. Individual pot pies in ramekins? So good. 

My mom's aware of this, which is why she sent me this!!

Isn't that adorable? It's a little container containing all the necessary ingredients for bhel puri. The label is very easy to understand for those who aren't used to eating this, as well! I am a fan of its simplicity. 

It's a scant 4.5 inches (~11.5 cm), and costs 99 cents. Inside, there are four things: a napkin, plastic spoon, packet of 3-in-1 chutney (sweet, green, and garlic), and the bhel puri mix. 

There is a good amount of bhel puri mix! They really pack those four things in there. Also, I had leftover chutney when I ate it, which was nice, because I plan on using my own homemade bhel mix with it later. The chutney was pretty spicy - in a good way.

Remember, this is not supposed to be a meal, it's supposed to be on-the-go, or as a snack at work, etc. Or maybe a very light lunch, if you had fruit or yogurt with it. I would do that. 

Puffed rice, dal, sev, etc.
I ate this for dinner at my apartment, thus not taking advantage of its portability. I also cooked and cubed a small potato, as well as chopped half a tomato, to add. If it were summer and I were home, I would've had my mom finely chop a raw mango for me. 

Final result?

Delicious! I could eat this everyday for a month and not get sick of it. Of course, I'm slightly obsessed with bhel in general anyway ..

I recommend it to everyone who already knows they like bhel, and those that are interested in trying it! This bhel mix had a lot of extra crunchy things in it, which was awesome. My mom got it from an Indian grocery store.  

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