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March 27, 2012

tell me about: amande yogurt!


When I was at home, my mom had this coupon for $5 off a $50 purchase at A&P. Were you expecting me to say J. Crew, or GAP or something? Nope. I most look forward to food shopping. And I spent approximately 90 minutes searching for the way to maximize my expenditures. My final bill was $50.03. Winnaaaaa.

As I was browsing (it's not Whole Foods or anything, so it took some effort finding unusual things. I almost paid four bucks for a tin of clams. They had 50% RDA iron though! woahoaohhoahh I need iron. I got three types of tortillas instead.), I noticed this yogurt. I love yogurt. And I love almond milk. And so, when I saw that this yogurt was made sans dairy & with cultured almondmilk instead, I was intrigued. And coconut flavored! The only real, and actually good quality, coconut-flavored yogurt I have had was in Poland a couple years back. That had shreds of coconut in it, and was nothing like the Dannon Light n Fit Pina Colada flavor.

March 19, 2012

omelette crunchwrap.

HEY THERE. Want to hear about something awesome?

It's not the PS3 my brother just got. 

It's not my new favorite color from Essie that is not only a gorgeous coral, but is how my grandmother once lovingly described me. It's good to be "healthy" in the Indian culture. 

And it's definitely not the story about how I survived getting attacked by a deer on a golf course in pitch black darkness. 

March 15, 2012

roasted carrots with cumin + sea salt.

There's garlic because these carrots were meant to be something else ..

Thursday's over! Friday's tomorrow! Yay! You can come back from work or school, picking up some carrots & good crusty bread on the way home. Change into sweatpants or other comfy clothes, such as lounge pants, before plopping on a couch to take pleasure in senselessly whiling away your time online, on blogger, food blogs, and tastespotting.. oh wait that's just me. You can devour nibble on the dark chocolate covered pretzels your brother just got from a fundraiser while you watch youtube videos or TV shows. Fuel that oft-unquenchable desire to just do nothing.

March 14, 2012

whole grain superman muffins.

It's half past midnight (do people tell time like that anymore?) aka - far too late for me to be awake during break.

I just ate one of these muffins. There are so many good things in here. Whole wheat flour, oatmeal, bran, flax, wheat germ, yogurt, cinnamon. Yeah man, cinnamon has minerals and stuff. I added "0.25 tspn ground cinnamon" to my iProfile when I was keeping record, and it boosted my mineral counts incredibly. Winnnn.

I could eat these little baby muffins all day. This for breakfast, and the chicken chili with bell peppers & fresh tomatoes atop brown rice pilaf with lentils I had tonight for dinner every evening. And whatever for lunch. My day would be awesomeeeeeee.

March 11, 2012

rose cream hearts.

I just beat two worlds in KH1. What else have I done since being home?

Uh, made these beautiful cookies, duh. I adore custard. Custard anything .. crème caramel, egg tarts, bread pudding, the filling of cream horns, eclairs, cream puffs, and lobster tails (aka - sflogliatelle). Look at this beautiful picture of a lobster tail dissection I randomly found. I swoon.

I could continue, but you get the point. And I realized that despite my love of custard, I barely have any custard things on here. So here is one. These rose cream hearts are light delicate cookies which can be cut into any shape (I did hearts), and in-between is sandwiched a filling. I made my filling rose-flavored, with zero food coloring, because I am also obsessed with rose anything, but you can easily make them regular custard-flavored or vanilla.

March 8, 2012

browned butter bread pudding + salted caramel sauce.

I wanted this blogpost to consist of just one line and tons of beautiful pictures. But it's difficult to capture the process/result of what you're making when you are making these things in a dorm. And then coordinating the surprise party.

March 5, 2012

birthday cake for two.

Oh Monday. Every week, I wake up to you, so determined that the day will be good, a strong start to the rest of the week. And every week, without fail, I end the day exhausted. tired. not in the mood to yoga & workout, but I usually do anyway.

Well I give in this week, okay? My day started at 6:40. I put on winged eyeliner despite the way it made my sleepy eyes burn. I went to all my classes despite my intentions of skipping every single one. See this bear cake? (Third one down. Below the creepy as hell Cookie Puss.) A friend of mine and I ate it all. Including the nose, which consisted purely of crunchy bits ... so good. I went to Rutgers Club with Andrea. I ate massive amounts of German Chocolate Cake. I ate buttery pecan bars. I ate two rainbow cookies. After all that, I skipped yoga & the usual hourly gym session I have. I walked back to my dorm from Sonny Werbs instead, to digest ... hair curly & down. plus incredibly windy. equals bad. I later went to Shoprite to find that they did not have challah. #upsetting. I bought birthday Oreos and ate one instead to continue with the theme of fatass for the day. It was so sweet.

How was my Monday? Long. So long.

That's what she said. But I wouldn't end on a bad note. Complaining sucks (hopefully the above narrative was at least slightly amusing. funny how one's pain is another's amusement, right? whatever works.), so I am here to tell you how my Monday turned up.

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