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March 27, 2012

tell me about: amande yogurt!


When I was at home, my mom had this coupon for $5 off a $50 purchase at A&P. Were you expecting me to say J. Crew, or GAP or something? Nope. I most look forward to food shopping. And I spent approximately 90 minutes searching for the way to maximize my expenditures. My final bill was $50.03. Winnaaaaa.

As I was browsing (it's not Whole Foods or anything, so it took some effort finding unusual things. I almost paid four bucks for a tin of clams. They had 50% RDA iron though! woahoaohhoahh I need iron. I got three types of tortillas instead.), I noticed this yogurt. I love yogurt. And I love almond milk. And so, when I saw that this yogurt was made sans dairy & with cultured almondmilk instead, I was intrigued. And coconut flavored! The only real, and actually good quality, coconut-flavored yogurt I have had was in Poland a couple years back. That had shreds of coconut in it, and was nothing like the Dannon Light n Fit Pina Colada flavor.

I had to try it. Also, I really liked the font they used, and how simple the labeling was. It's so classy looking.

(Review all the way at the bottom, if you want to skip my rambling!)
It's weird to think about having eaten this yogurt about a little over a week ago. It feels like forever .. time passes so fast nowadays. It's crazy! We should be enjoying and appreciating literally every moment! And although people always respond "I know!" if I bring that up, do you really? Will you look back on this time of your life and think, shit man. I lived it up.

I wouldn't. Sure I have fun, but I don't have particularly memorable moments. Thinking back to freshman year, I just remember my sketchy first semester, where I kind of exploded into college. I made a very good friendship that kind of fell out by the end of the year, but it was awesome while it lasted! I bonded incredibly with my best friend .. we did some crazy things. There were the 3am talks. The walking out on a guy (who was forced to sleep in my own room .. alone) at 2am to meet my bestie and not returning until the next afternoon. The midnight walks.

Freshman have little concept of how quickly time goes though. As a sophomore, it's much more glaring .. almost 2 years down, 2 years to go, until the supposed best times of our lives are over! I need to do more crazy spontaneous ridiculous things! Yeah, sure, there are the guys now and then .. the enjoying good weather by getting froyo & walking back a couple miles to class .. .. the eating out at Rutgers Club .. skipping yoga once or twice .. being a couples minutes late to class .. eating more olive bread than I should ..

Those just got progressively worse. I need more visits to giant Buddha statues and drives into nearby university campuses after midnight. Goal for the few weeks remaining in the semester - do things. Other than school things.

See the creamy texture? And shreds of coconut?

Cool, now we have that established, let's get back to this yogurt. Let me start with - it is good. I like it. It has a different texture than regular yogurt, but it's still creamy. The one I got was coconut flavored, and it actually had shreds of coconut in it, which was impressive, although the shreds interfere with the smooth mouthfeel of the yogurt itself. Additionally, the yogurt did not have an outrageous amount of unhealthy fat, which I appreciated. It is cultured, so there cultures in there (that are also in dairy yogurt) that can help your digestive system! Overall, very good.

I looked them up on their website, and they have more flavors, like cherry and peach. I love that the yogurt is GMO-free, gluten-free (my suitemate can have them!), and fruit juice sweetened.

Try it out if you see it around! Don't be afraid of almonds. Even if you mispronounced "almond" almost your entire life.

I need to go prepare to serve 700 people and stand on my feet for 32 hours. And prepare myself for the jibes that will inevitably result from Andrea reading this blogpost. And do more wild things. I'm thinking of putting extra Sriracha on my wrap tonight. The world best watch out. 

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  1. You should see if you can find Liberté Médìterranée Coconut yogurt. Best yogurt I have ever had. I buy it all the time at Denninger's here in Canada.



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