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October 18, 2011

crispy stuffed french toast.

This is a fabulous guest post on behalf of my suitemate, Andrea Poppiti. Enjoy!

Hello blogging world!!

I'm proud to call myself a borderline creepy admirer of this wonderful blog about food and life. Andrea's the name, and baking's the game. Well not so much the baking part. But my name is Andrea, and I'm one of Yat's roommates (that's right, I get to eat a lot of the food you read about in her posts). Anyway, in all honesty, cooking is not really my forte; I consider myself to be more of an eater. But one afternoon when Yat suggested we make some breakfast before class (an 8:55 physics lecture), I just couldn't say no to the opportunity, which leads me to this guest blogpost.

October 6, 2011

eclair cake.

Here we go with the desserts made from packaged food. But time crunches call for dire measures ...

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