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October 18, 2011

crispy stuffed french toast.

This is a fabulous guest post on behalf of my suitemate, Andrea Poppiti. Enjoy!

Hello blogging world!!

I'm proud to call myself a borderline creepy admirer of this wonderful blog about food and life. Andrea's the name, and baking's the game. Well not so much the baking part. But my name is Andrea, and I'm one of Yat's roommates (that's right, I get to eat a lot of the food you read about in her posts). Anyway, in all honesty, cooking is not really my forte; I consider myself to be more of an eater. But one afternoon when Yat suggested we make some breakfast before class (an 8:55 physics lecture), I just couldn't say no to the opportunity, which leads me to this guest blogpost.

I know that she's not much of a breakfast food person, but it's my favorite meal of the day. So after a bit of brainstorming and compromising, we decided on this AMAZING French toast recipe. After some modifications, we knew it would be just right. However, actually getting the energy to cook at 8 AM was our biggest challenge.

As college students, we are PERPETUALLY busy. When we're not in class, we're doing homework, studying, working, at lab, in a meeting, or attempting to have an inkling of a social life. So you can imagine how tired we were at 7 AM when we rolled out of bed and trekked to the dining hall to "borrow" the ingredients for our breakfast creation. But the opportunity was golden and we knew in only a short time, we would be eating like kings. Our Honors Program dean named Muffin Lord, seemingly the queen of all meals before noon, would be proud.

I'll set the scene: An angry Andrea and a small-eyed Yat trudged to the dining hall in their pajamas, where they pilfered whole-grain bread, peanut butter (Andrea smooth, Yat crunchy), brown sugar, cinnamon, strawberry cream cheese, bananas, and sunflower seeds, and strategically placed these items in Tupperware. Upon returning to the residence hall, the cooking began!! With the tunes of the lovely Angelique Kidjo playing in the background, French toast became an art, and we became enlightened in the ways of breakfast. I'll admit, Yat did most of the work, but I'm confident that without my moral support, she may not have been able to proceed. Here's the recipe for all of you who feel bold enough to try it yourself:

-Sandwich two pieces of bread with cream cheese or peanut butter. Do this twice. 
-Whip an egg with brown sugar, cinnamon, and a small pinch of salt. 
-Heat a frying pan. 
-Dip the sandwich in the egg. 
-Then dip the sandwich in a mixture of equal amounts of Rice Krispies & toasted sunflower seeds. 
-Put a little butter in the hot pan so it sizzles, but it shouldn't burn. 
-Put the sandwich on the butter. Let it fry, flip, and fry again after adding a little more butter. 
-Remove from pan. Cut in half. 
-Display artfully on a plate, and drizzle with syrup. Add fruit and/or nuts, like chopped bananas and walnuts, if desired. DEVOUR WITH RELISH. 

Well, there you go! Bakers and eaters alike can certainly bond over this recipe, and don't forget that it's an amazing way to start the day. Did you ever think about how eating a nice breakfast can shape, even enhance, your day? It's these little things that keep us sane during college :]. Until next time, bloggers, keep cooking.

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