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April 17, 2011

pizza toast.

I was lazy, but hungry. And so this happened. What is it?

In order of layers, from bottom to top (with notes underneath, because I always have comments..):

Whole grain bread, toasted - see the slightly burnt edges?
  • LOVE the crunchiness of the grains; don't think I've had white bread in years
Pizza Sauce
  • I love scooping out the sauce with a larger than usual spoon and then licking the spoon.
Red Pepper Flakes
  • I like it spicy.
Baby Spinach
  • Popeye! (ok now I am just writing the first things that come to my mind)
  • churpa! (refer to my bovine post for elaboration on yaks)

All that popped into the toaster oven, directly on the rack.
Take out with your fingers if you're an extreme daredevil like me, or use tongs/fork if you're a normal, sensible person.

Let cool slightly. Or be a daredevil again, greedily take a bite and burn your tongue. Savor the crunch of the bread, which has been doubly toasted at this point. The crust and the bite of the grains complements the more central area of the toast pizza, which is softened by the pizza sauce. The salt in the sauce and the red pepper flakes provide just enough seasoning, but not enough to overwhelm the delicate flavour (I'm a Brit.) of the spinach. Overall, this simple, hearty, adaptable pizza is extremely satisfying on any day.

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