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December 7, 2012

review: Pepperidge Farm Caramel Apple bread!

So I was excited, because this bread was quite a journey to get, and at the time, I thought, wow! I have an epic story to tell about this bread for my blog!

But now it's one day later, and my story doesn't seem quite so epic anymore.

I'll still say it, now I've brought it up. I was returning from class, and decided to stop by the new awesome grocery store nearby before going home. I pick up green squash, black cherry Chobani, some dried lentils to use in my new teeny pressure cooker, and then what do I see?

This had 2 slices left. That good.

The Pepperidge Farm bread section. My apartment-mate (you guys remember Andrea?) introduced me to their seasonal Pumpkin Swirl bread, and was generous enough to let me try it. It was AWESOME. And then I went home during Tgiving break, and my mom had bought some, too! So good.

So I see the aisle, and I immediately scan for the pumpkin bread. No go. I stubbornly push aside the Cinnamon Raisin (bleh) loaves, wishing, hoping, yearning for something, ANYTHING.

And what do I see?

Caramel Apple bread. How many loaves are there left?


One vulnerable loaf. I grab it immediately, and continue on my way, periodically checking down to make sure that green tinged wrapper is still safely stowed in my shopping basket. I check out, being all friendly and in a good mood with the cashier, and return to my apartment.

In a hunger-induced rush, I unload everything so quickly, I was done before I knew it. I heat up my dinner and then look for the bread ...

it was nowhere to be seen. Not in the fridge. Not in the cabinet. Not in the microwave or freezer, where I thought I may have misplaced it in my frenzy. I must have spent 10 minutes looking before deciding I had left it at the grocery store. I need to make a decision: go back to check OR eat dinner & just go straight to the meeting I have in 35 minutes.

I grab my keys and literally run to the grocery store. I find out the cashier does indeed have it, and sprint back to my apartment. Out of breath and with 20 mins left to my meeting (I ran fast), I scarf down my dinner and then, oh then.

This piece is untoasted, but tell me you can't imagine those little bits getting golden crispy. Imagine french toast ..

A fluffy toasted slice of this sucker. The aroma! The texture! There are bits of dried apple (and raisin, but don't get turned off by that! they come off as dried apple in the bread), swirls of cinnamon, hints of butterscotch notes. The extra sugar content (vs. plain white bread) makes this bread beautiful to toast, as the sugar caramelizes, creating a nice crust, while the inside is still moist from the apples. Spread with a little salted butter?

It makes the entire journey worth it, without a doubt.

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