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November 22, 2012

review: Crumbs caramel apple cupcake.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I thought of something today, while consuming my body weight in delectable victuals and then later, in my food-induced comatose state.

Someone should invent a service available annually on Thanksgiving day that rents wheelchairs. This way, if you eat too much and can't follow the crowd as it shifts from the kitchen/dining room to the family room, you can just make your youngest sibling or one of the more lively of your family members to wheel you over!

This is even more applicable if you go out to eat. You know how there are volunteers as the hospital to wheel patients out of out-patient? Volunteers to wheel stuffed patrons out of the restaurant. Bam.

I'm not sure how well this will catch on. In the meanwhile ... eat away! Thanksgiving is not over yet!

And if you're craving dessert, you can read about (and order at the next possible time) this fabulous seasonal offering from Crumbs Bake Shop.

Crumbs is awesome. I've only ever bought a cupcake personally once from a Crumbs shop in an airport. It was an Artie Lange - vanilla sponge cake, filled with chocolate buttercream; topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting, which is then topped with a chocolate fondant (like on b&w cookies) and b&w sprinkles.

It was heavenly. Since then, I've had the teeny mini Crumbs cupcakes my roommate got for one of my apartmentmates - it was an assortment of the cutest mini cupcakes ever, in the best flavors.

And recently, someone bought me two regular-sized (they're enormous) cupcakes. I don't think I could've chosen better flavors myself:

One was German Chocolate - chocolate cupcake, filled with chocolate ganache (best part), frosted with chocolate cream cheese in which walnuts and coconut are folded, drizzled with caramel. He got this one because he remembered German Chocolate was my favorite cake!! How sweet.

Sweet. Cupcake. Ha ha.

I suck. Moving on.

The second was Caramel Apple .. it was adorable! It has a popsicle stick, imitating the candy for which it's named. I couldn't find it on the Crumbs website, but it seemed to have a spice cake base. There was no filling. BUT the top was mind blowingly good - it was frosted with what seemed to be maple cream cheese frosting, and that was topped with caramel. A ring of finely chopped toasted almonds along the periphery of the cupcake was the perfect finishing touch.

The pictures speak for themselves. The popsicle actually helps anchor the cupcake. There are no apples, but I preferred that. They would have disrupted the texture. Also, usually I only like the frosting and a little cake, but this cake was very good, as well.

It was delicious. And follows the autumn trend (a theme which I intend on prolonging a little while longer in my baking). And is seasonal, so get it while you can!! 

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