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August 6, 2011

Costa Rica!

Volcán Arenal

Do you wanna know a hard question to answer?

How was your vacation? 

Now, I guess if your vacation was miserable, a simple "it sucked" would suffice. But my summer vacations tend to be to exotic places (my parents and in turn, us kids, enjoy travelling) in which we explore a lot of historic sites and wander into a lot of areas. We learn and experience a lot, because we're that annoying type that just can't be satisfied with sitting and lounging all day. 

As a kid, I always dreamed for a non-complicated visit to the beach for a few days, where we would just rest in beach chairs, have pina coladas, and laze around like bums. And although that still sounds nice to me, I now would be restless in that situation. 

Look at little diminutive me!

So, how was my vacation to Costa Rica? 

Excellent. I hope that answer and the pictures of delicious & interesting things I have to proffer you suffice, as I have so many recipes on my queue of things to blog about, as well as a few other reviews, that I do not want to consume you guys with too many images of a wonderfully green and surprisingly super clean country.  

Started my morning with an Artie Lange cupcake from a
Crumbs shop in the airport.

Everyone says Ireland is really green - but so is
Costa Rica.

Horchata! Can you see the rice stuck in the straw.

Chicken Casados

Vegetarian Casados

Arroz con Leche

Very good fruit, akin to lychee.

Guanabana - soursop in English. I did not fancy its tartness.

Hanging Bridges tour. 

Artsy, huh?

Fresh mora (blackberry) juice.

Vegetables & fried yucca. I wish yucca were more
available in New Jersey. 

The bottle on the left contains Lizano sauce - AMAZING.
Especially with yucca fries. And fish. And chicken. And ..

"Corn Tamal"

Caramel Horn - filled with thick sweet dulce de leche.

Guava Pastry - thin layer of guava paste enclosed
in puff pastry.

This beautiful pair of oxen went round to crank a device
that turned out sugarcane juice. Have you ever had fresh
sugarcane juice? You need to, if you haven't. And don't
give me those eyes, I have had freshly squeezed sugarcane
juice in NJ. It doesn't compare to that of Costa Rica, but
still. Look around people!

Interesting - pear yogurt drink.

Also interesting - Guava Cream Cheese.

Mora shake, Resbaladera, Crema (vanilla) shake.
The middle was mine - it's a variation on Horchata,
but I didn't fancy it. 

"Filet de corvina, ensalada, chimichurri, y papas" -
grilled white seabass with salad, chimichurri, & fries

Chicken Tamale - oh god, I do not like tamales.

HUGE beet.

Caramel Cake from Stella's Bakery. 

Mango pie from Stella's Bakery.

Papaya Shake from Morphos Restaurant.

Cream of Carrot Soup from Morphos.

oh yeah. ATV-ing! Intense, awesome experience.

Sign on the ATV ... that was holding my brother & I.

I ordered the La Choza Arenal - yum.
(By the way, legal drinking age in CR is 18 - I was legal, ok!)

That scary looking pineapple face held a respectable
amount of boozy pina colada - yummmm.
Looks so innocent, but this pickled little piece of
cauliflower was spicy as hell.

My "tipical" breakfast at the Arenal Paraiso.
That orange marmalade had cloves and was amazing.
I want to make it.

The rice noodles with tofu & algae was the best.

Clockwise: Chocolate Cream Cake with Ginger
a very bad Fruit Tart
Orange & Coconut Roll Cake
 piece of ripe, local papaya
Mango Cheesecake
Lychee Tart (excellent!!)

From a supermercado on our way to the airport.

BK is everywhere. 

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