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August 7, 2011

review: Atlas Horas Lanches.

Remember that Joghurt chocolate I told you guys about?

I got that from a Brazilian supermarket (or supermercado, if you are in Costa Rica) that my friends brought me to. But before going to the supermarket, we got a leisurely lunch at a wonderful little Brazilian eatery.

The place is called Atlas Horas Lanches. The last word means "snacks," but the burgers we got were just a little too massive to be snacks!

Atlas Horas is very authentic. My good friend's boyfriend is Brazilian, and he, along with some of the other people we were with, were speaking rapidly in Portuguese with the people working there. The waiters could converse in English, as well, but Portuguese seemed to be their first language.

The setting is comfortable, and there are 2 flat screen TV's playing Brazilian dramas. I found them akin to Indian serials ... yes, I saw serials, not shows, when I refer to the drama that is Indian television.

The most outstanding thing, of course, was the food. Specifically, the burgers.

Now, I am not an expert or anything on Brazilian food whatsoever. I don't know if it is typical for all brazilian burgers to have the interesting additions that are offered at this place. All I know is that the food was excellent.

Oh and to make it clear, there were choices other than burgers on the menu. But honestly, I was not about to order a wimpy little salad that I could pick up in the refrigerated section of Shoprite or something (does Shoprite even have that?) when I was at a Brazilian restaurant. Everyone ended up ordering a burger, anyway.

The first interesting thing was the way in which the burgers were served - in a little plastic bag. The bag was on a plate, of course, but I think the bag was meant to simplify the eating process. Eating process sounds so scientific ... I must have that organic chemistry syllabus I printed this morning on my mind.

The second interesting thing? The interesting additions to the burger that differ from typical American burgers. Can you detect them?

There was corn & potato stix inside! I haven't had potato stix in forever, I forgot they existed.

You know how some people put chips in their burgers and eat them like that? That's what the potato stix did, except I would now prefer potato stix over chips any day. They were the perfect salty, crunchy complement to everything else in the burger.

Oh yeah, and I just love corn and could eat it plain by the bowlfuls, so I didn't even question why that was in there. Although if I had to state their contribution to the burger, I would say they added an unexpected, yet delicious sweetness that contrasted the savory-ness of the whole thing.

I ordered the "X Frango," which is a basic chicken burger. It had:
 Grilled chicken breast
 Mozzarella (I ordered mine without it, to be healthy. Don't chastise me.)
 Mayo (omitted this too, but read on to see why that is irrelevant)

It was so good! I ate it all, even though the two other friends I was closer with found it too big. I should probably have acted a little more civilized and saved part of it for dinner, like my friends intelligently did, but sometimes I get carried away. I don't regret it!

There were 3 bottled sauces that the waiter also put on our table, along with ketchup. I forgot to take a picture in my haste to eat. I couldn't detect exactly what they were, especially since the bottles were opaque squeeze bottles. But they were definitely homemade. And I think they were all mayo-based. One seemed to be ketchup + mayo. Another was onion-y ... I put generous amounts of both on my sandwich, so at least me not ordering mayo already put in my sandwich helped a little bit. Uh, right?

My friend ordered the "X Banana." I would've gotten this if I ate beef! It was definitely one of the most interesting. It had:
 Potato Sticks

It had banana! Isn't that so intriguing? She really really liked it. Can you see the banana in the picture? Sorry for the bad quality, I was way too hungry hahaha.

Overall, Atlas Horas Lanches was a really good experience. I enjoyed my burger immensely, and now that I wrote this post, I'm seriously craving them again. Darrrrnnnnn.

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