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July 24, 2011

tell me about: Joghurt Chocolate!

One day I went to a Brazilian place to eat Brazilian burgers (more on that in a future post) with a few friends. Afterwards, we drove to a nearby Brazilian grocery store. They had lots of interesting things, like these Quail eggs.

They were so tiny! 10 calories each, too. It would take eight of them to equal the caloric value of the regular chicken egg most of us are used to, at least here in the US.

Where do ostriches live? Do people in those places take advantage of ostrich eggs? I saw either a Food Network show (ugh. Food Network.) or a Top Chef challenge where people had to cook with an ostrich egg. One person carefully carved open the thing & dumped the contents into a large measuring cup (that had the capacity of  > 1 cup) and poured it that way onto the grill. One person tried cracking it open directly onto the grill and failed majorly.

OH OH. Speaking of ostriches! Hilarious part of Prince of Persia - quick question first though. Did you like that movie? I feel left out because I heard people commenting how they didn't like it, but I liked it! And the ostrich scenes were freaking hilarious. And I was with my brother, so for some reason, I always laugh tons more during a movie if I'm watching with my brother.

I dunno why. I don't tend to like psychology.

So there was this ostrich farmer in the movie. And he supplied the ostriches for the ostrich races that the king (or whoever) and the public viewed. Right from the getgo, he & his ostriches were that random funny part of the movie. There's always one of those. And then later, something happened and he lost all his ostriches except one. And this is going to sound terrible, but he kept a bag over the lone ostrich's head. Why? Because according to him, the poor thing would attempt suicide if it realized it was the only ostrich around. And the man was extremely protective of his ostriches. It was funny in that really sad way where you're laughing a lot and going "oh my god" at the same time.

Now you think I'm a terrible person.

Anyway, so to leave this giant digression for a moment - Brazilian supermarket! And there were lots of other interesting things, as well. The only thing I bought, though, was this Joghurt Chocolate.

I was intrigued at what it would taste and look like, and did not ponder about how they would make it so the yogurt filling would be shelf-stable.

Cool, now I'm thinking about it. Well maybe they used milk or buttermilk powder. Kay, let's leave it at that.

I opened it in the store. And a quarter of the bar was gone before we left the store 15 minutes later. And let me say, I am not a huge fan of chocolate things. I don't prefer chocolate cake, ice cream, or even just plain chocolate, a lot of the time. I also refuse to have any chocolate, just as is, other than dark. Supa dark. Like how I will be after I get back from Costa Rica in two weeks!

Wow I just threw that on you there, didn't I? Yerp, I am going on vacation, leaving soon. I will try to schedule a few posts for you guys, cause I love you all. "You all" in French is "vous."

ANYWAY, here's a pure review of the chocolate with no superfluous comments and side thoughts:

The chocolate was good. It was a Milka brand "Alpine Milk Chocolate" bar with a white filling that was supposed to represent the "Joghurt" (it's German) part. The filling was slightly tart, but definitely not overly so - it was tart enough to let you know it was a "yogurt" filling. I loved this bar, despite my supreme dislike of milk chocolate. Milk chocolate is more mellow and sweeter than dark chocolate, and the combo of milk chocolate with the just detectably tart filling was perfect.

I would not only buy a whole case of these and probably not get tired of them quickly, but I would recommend you to follow suit, as well. Or at least try the bar, if you can get your hands on it.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to review this product. I am not nearly big enough for companies to be sending stuff to me (haha! the thought!), and all of my reviews here are completely honest and my own true opinions. They have been and they will remain so for as long as I do them.


  1. I want that chocolate!

    Those eggs are so cute!

    I want to know more about this Brazillian burger you speak of...

  2. Aren't the eggs adorable?!
    And keep an eye out for the corn/potato stix burgers post - definitely coming up next sometime.


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