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July 18, 2011

cat-eye look: with pencil eyeliner.

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Okay. I feel like everyone has their staple feature to play up with makeup or their signature makeup look. And by everyone, I am mostly referring to youtube beauty gurus.

The one look that stands out to me as the most appealing is DulceCandy87's winged eyeliner. I love to focus on my eyes, whether it's a swipe of liquid liner on the upper lashline, a hint of a shimmering eyeshadow in the inner corner by the tear ducts, or a simple coat of Full 'n Soft mascara, I always want to enhance my eyes.

My most desired, yet rarely achieved look is the Cat-Eye, or Winged Eyeliner. My eyes are not that large, and they usually become even smaller when I smile, so an eye fully rimmed with eyeliner closes my eye more and results in .. not so good results. Thus, I have had issues with too thick liner, too thin, almost nonexistent, eyes that look like I elbowed myself while furiously whisking heavy cream into whipped cream ..

But ladies. And gents ... I have found an eyeliner that helped me overcome my inept-ness in a matter of minutes. I might possibly be in love.

And despite my affection for liquid liner, such as Lineur Intense Liquid Liner by L'oreal, this POSSIBLY holy grail eyeliner is a pencil.

It's the Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner - nice simple name.

I went out to get frozen yogurt with friends tonight. On my way, I cashed in my paychecks (yaayyy) & stopped at RiteAid because I was planning to get this eyeliner. RiteAid was having a 40% off all Revlon products & I had a $1 off coupon. Win. I tried it on just now after getting back from being out, and I made a cat-eye in literally a few minutes.

Some people who are pros may consider that a long time, but compared to my usual torturous and failing efforts ... I was ecstatic. And proceeded to take multiple Photo Booth pictures, which I will not make you suffer through (all of them) right now. But here's some to see my success!

(weird lighting)

The cat-eye also shows through my glasses - even better!!

Although, I still need something for my waterline. Gel is supposed to be best, but that requires a brush. Which I have, but then I would have to clean the brush and unscrew the lid of the little pot of gel eyeliner ... alternatively, there's a simple pencil!

I am planning on getting Essence Gel Eyeliner, because apparently it's good. And also (maybe) L'oreal Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner .. what a long name. But it may or may not be my waterline eyeliner solution!

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