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July 7, 2011

review: Denville Dairy.

This place is amazing.

I was going to write: This. place. is. amazing. But it's so halting and even though that's closer to how I would say it, it's just too slow and ugh. I prefer: THIS PLACE IS AMAZING. or: this place is amazing.
One emphasizes enough and one underemphasizes to the extent that it emphasizes.
So yeah, I don't know how this turned into a linguistics blog. Or whatever the correct term is.

SO DENVILLE DAIRY. I would go here everyday if it were a perfect world in which ice cream, cake, and whipped cream calories mattered nary.

It is a little local shop that fills up fast, especially on hot summer days. They have not only ice cream to scoop and serve, but tons of regular, fat-free, and sugar-free pre-cartoned flavors, if you want to enjoy the deliciousness at home whenever you want. Additionally, they have ice cream cakes, ice cream cookie sandwiches, and awesome sundaes that are prepared already and waiting patiently for you in the freezer. The different cash register for these already ready items saves one the (usually) long wait on line with the people ordering ice cream.

Read on for pictures and descriptions of the flavors I have tried.

just chillin on the swing wit mah ice cream. 

American Pie
   Vanilla ice cream with a berry swirl and bits of crust or streusel. It is absolutely fabulous, and my second favorite. This was the first scoop in my medium cup. The first picture of this post is this flavour. ooo getting British with ya peuple. That's "people" in French. I'm so Parisian. I can even spell Parisienne correctly.

I get rainbow sprinkles and whipped cream on ALL of my frozen desserts.
See the berry swirl? And golden bits of streusel/pie crust? 

Vanilla Crunch Swirl
   Creamy vanilla ice cream swirled with chocolate ice cream and LOTS of chocolate crunch pieces. I like it even though I don't like chocolate ice cream. You know those crunchy chocolate things in ice cream cakes? YEAH! A lot of that is in here. I think it's chocolate cake crunchies. This is my favorite flavor from there, ever. It's pretty indulgent. It was the second bottom scoop of my medium cup.


Coconut Cream
   This was just pure white coconut ice cream with shredded coconut blended in. My mom brought up a good point - the coconut flavor is slightly greasy. This can happen with coconut, because coconut is actually pretty oily. Coconut oil is solid at room temp, yo. It's a minor issue, but just worth a mention if you are a coconut ice cream connoisseur.

Maple Walnut
   My dad got this. He likes this flavor combination a lot. It is a caramelly maple ice cream with a liberal amount of coarsely chopped walnut pieces. The smooth brown sugar like flavor of the ice cream compliments the nuttiness of the walnuts, which add some nice crunch.

   Self - explanatory. The ice cream is really smooth.

There is significant and almost constant turnover at Denville Dairy, so I doubt you will ever encounter frostbite or that weird slimy layer that accumulates on the top of ice cream that is really old. I have had that experience elsewhere. I may be weird, but sometimes I like that weird part. Okay, let's move on.

I have gone there many times, so I will probably update this blog on new flavors as I taste more. I went yesterday with my family, though, and here's what we got:

No Sugar No Fat Strawberry Soft Serve with rainbow sprinkles & whipped cream
   This was mine. Yeah, excuse the healthiness of it okay, I'm trying really hard to get fit. And I can't forego ice cream altogether. It took a lot of willpower to not get this in a cone with hot fudge, chopped roasted peanuts, and get my usual Vanilla Crunch Swirl instead. A lot of restraint. This was not too sweet - no surprise there. but not bad for a "healthy" option. I was satisfied enough, and I tend to crave super sweet things. Denville Dairy often has a new no sugar no fat flavor from time to time. I have seen Creamsicle and Pistachio in the past.

Midnight Oreo
   Dark chocolate ice cream with large Oreo chunks peeking out. Really dark and really chocolatey. For serious chocolate lovers, I can imagine that this with maybe hot fudge would beyond satisfy you. My little brother got it.

   A creamy mango colored ice cream with great, fresh mango flavor. Very good. We tasted this, but I have also had it in the past.

Saffron Pistachio
   Saffron ice cream with super coarse pieces of pistachio throughout. I am Indian, so I have had Saffron Kulfi and other saffron desserts many many times before. Saffron threads were evident in the ice cream, a good sign that they used real saffron instead of artificial flavoring. Impressive, esp since saffron is pretty pricey. And of course this cost the same as any other ice cream. Also, this is not super sweet, like Vanilla Crunch Swirl, for instance. It is just sweet enough that the saffron flavor is the shining feature, not the sweetness. Relatively unusual flavor - excellent. My mom got it and loved it.

Soft Serve with Chocolate Dip
   Exactly what it sounds like, in a cone. The soft serve tastes really good. That is, this is not the "healthy" one. I recommend eating the regular one for best flavor. I also saw people walking out with cherry dip, so Denville Dairy offers that, too. My dad got this - it's his standard. He loves it.

More flavors most likely to come as the summer continues (:
Hope you enjoyed the review.

*Did you note the lack of jesting in this post? That's how seriously I love this place. Fo real.

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