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August 21, 2011

bran & pear breakfast.

Hm. Bran doesn't sound too good, huh?

Well I made the bran bread I always do when I bake stuff to eat for breakfast. I find making this bread (and others that are similar, containing things like oats, flax, and wheat germ) makes breakfast extremely easy.

It takes zero thought to take a slice of this bread with a glass of skim milk. Or in my case on busy work mornings, down a glass of milk, grab a slice of the bread, grab the keys in true relay race style as I dash into the car, and then take a bite at all of the red lights and on the straight roads.

It's a scene of great elegance and grace, I assure you.

On weekends, however, I have a little more time to gather the components of my breakfast and actually eat them together.

Here, I took two slices (I made this bread in a mini loaf pan) of bran bread, sprinkled some sunflower seeds over it, added Bosc pear slices to the side, and poured a glass of milk to accompany the meal.

The fruit adds fiber and fulfills part of your fruit requirements for the day. I love Bosc pears because they're soft and sweet. I do not like hard pears, like Asian or those gigantic Korean pears.

Sunflower seeds have healthy oils, so they are cool to eat in moderation. And I love them and the things they do for me.

In the mood to make some bread, now? Why not! Just don't forget to drink some milk along with it. I heard milk moustaches are coming back in fashion. 


  1. That really sounds like a healthy breakfast to me!
    Yeah, pears are lovely, just planted a little tree last year in my garden an it's already loaded with pears like crazy. Can't wait for them to ripen.


  2. Oh, pears grow quickly? I feel like they wouldn't grow well where I live. You're so lucky! Make things with pears and put them on your blog (:


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