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August 27, 2011

turkey meatballs: salad & sub.

A really long time ago, my mom made turkey meatballs. I had recently returned from college & was trying to change my bad university habits by vowing to eat healthy all summer. So I incorporated the turkey meatballs into a salad. My brothers & dad were normal. They ate the meatballs as part of a sub sandwich.

And not too long ago at all, less than an hour ago actually, I slammed my finger in a door. All by myself.

Now let me tell you, it takes a hell of a lot more skill to do the latter than the former.

Turkey meatballs are easy peasy. My mom made them, so she just added stuff as she went along, but essentially, you add some chopped onions, lots of spices, garlic, and ginger, for spice. Add all that into a bowl with some lean, ground turkey. Add some olive or canola oil. Mix, but don't overmix, because you want tender meatballs, not tough ones.

Roll the mixture into balls. Cook in a pan with enough oil - turkey tends to be very lean, which can make it very dry. And it's okay if the meatballs aren't perfectly round. You will be salivating for them by their deliciously spicy scent that will be wafting out of the pan, not because they are entirely spherical.

Now after the meatballs are cooked and ready to eat, you can go two ways.

ONE - add them to a salad.

Put some spinach on a plate. Chop some zucchini medallions. Halve them. Cut some small strips of bell peppers. Add anything else that tickles your fancy.

Then place a few meatballs atop the bed of greens and vegetables. They will look really regal and juicy on their throne of fresh produce.

Whisk some yogurt with mint and salt & drizzle over the entire salad. It is the final velvety, smooth cape to coat the meatballs with. Yum.

Eat with a glass of wine if you're 21. I am not. This is my dad's cup. Also, the words on the wine glass have zero relation to the Merlot shown.

TWO - traditional route.

Cut a sub roll in half the long way. Put cheese and scallions on the bottom half. Place hot meatballs on top. Then top with a generous amount of tomato sauce. Close the sandwich.

Devour. Just make sure there is enough to make seconds.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Typed with nine fingers. 

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