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September 3, 2011

shadowbox jewelry holder.

Okay, this is a DIY post. I am thinking maybe I should have changed the name of this blog to imply more than just food posts .. but this is my personal online forum to do whatever I want. And I want to share this DIY project.

When work ended, I had a full free week to relax before school started.

So what did I do? Set my alarm for 7:30 on Monday morning to get up ... for no reason. Because I was so used to waking up early for work, I found during that last weekend, the absolute latest I could sleep till was 8:30am. And while some may read this in disbelief or pity me, I actually enjoyed this fact.

Once school starts, I have three 8:55am classes a week, which means I have to wake up early to get ready and start walking to class. I wanted to maintain my sleeping habits that working had instilled in me - 7:30 is a bit much, but if I slept by 11 everyday and woke up by 8:30 .. well I would be extremely pleased with myself.

But during that week, there was only one problem - I had way too much time on my hands.

Therefore, I started organizing everything I needed for school and thinking of how I would decorate my dorm room. I don't like tons of useless things; I won't buy a rug when there's already carpet, even if it improves the overall aesthetic appeal of my room.

Stuff like that. And I also hate paying for that kind of stuff. For instance, posters? Can't stand buying them. You are paying an incredible amount for a large piece of paper to cover your wall. And it's hard to find classy or chic posters.

Therefore, I combined my lots-of-time & my need for a cheap way to decorate my dorm room in a classy manner by doing DIY projects. I was in a super crafty mood. Mmhm.

The first thing I experimented with was shadowbox jewelry holders.

I first found the idea via Martha Stewart. I then used the idea as a foundation for my own trials. Each subsequent shadowbox turned out better than the previous. I think they all came out successfully.

I will make a separate post with finished pictures of the shadowboxes I created - not all of them hold jewelry. They can hold anything, really. In that post, I will also point out the little differences between each of the three boxes I made.

Briefly skim through the basic procedure. Then look at the pictures, which will probably make more sense. And if you have heard of this idea before, or have tried it, let me know in the comments! I am interested to hear what other people have to say about it or their efforts (:

  • Shadowbox 
  • Appropriate screwdriver
  • Glue gun 
  • Decorative paper, piece of wrapping paper, etc. (for the backdrop) 
  • Nails, screwhooks, etc. (to hang stuff on) 
  • Props (to hang up)
  1. Gather materials. 
  2. Remove screws & latches from the actual shadowbox. 
  3. Remove sheet of glass. 
  4. Trace the shape of the backing of the frame (that is typically screwed in) onto a piece of decorative paper. Cut out appropriately & make small adjustments, as necessary. 
  5. Glue paper to the backing. 
  6. Plan out design with props, etc. 
  7. Re-screw in screws. Fold paper into rolls to secure latches. 
  8. Glue gun holders (screws, hooks, etc.) onto decorative paper (aka backdrop of the shadowbox). 
  9. Hang props. Display prominently and revel in your craftiness! 
"Additional Documents" (it's like a lab report and school hasn't even started, what the heck): 

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