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September 21, 2011

chicken nuggets: baked.

I was at Zumba with my friend one day and she was telling me about these chicken nuggets she made, and how they were baked. I thought they sounded amazing, so she made some to bring to a potluck we had soon after with another friend of ours. And they were so good! 

So I decided to make my own nugs. And they came out really good.

I love the word nugs, don't you?! It kind of reminds me of the word nub .. or cocoa nibs.

One of my suitemates particularly enjoys nugs - every Wednesday, dinner takeout. Anyway, chicken nuggets are actually extremely easy to make!

I like super crispy nug nugs, and there are a few ways to ensure a crispy baked chicken nugget. I used three main methods: I coated the chicken pieces in egg white, and I baked them on a rack over a large sheet pan. I also breaded them with crunchy things. Egg white makes things crispy, usually, as it dries out in the oven. That's why it's used in granola, to make it crispy! And the rack prevents the chicken from baking in its own juices. Sorry, that sounds unappetizing, but meat releases flavorful juices as it cooks. However, in this case, you don't want the juices to make the bottom of the nugget soggy.

Also, I like flavorful nuggets. Fried chicken nuggets get their flavor from the frying process, but baked chicken nuggets have the option of being seasoned with parmesan and italian seasonings.

Here's a basic procedure .. procedure? seriously? physics lab, destroying my mind, I tell you.

-Rinse raw skinless, boneless chicken breasts. Cut into 1" cubes, smaller won't taste as good.
-Roughly blend some crunchy pretzels into a fine enough consistency to bread the chicken. Mix with some breadcrumbs, and crushed crackers. Add italian seasonings, to taste.
-Whisk an egg white until you get annoyed; it must be at least foamy.
-Drizzle some oil over the chicken, not much. Toss chicken to distribute oil evenly.
-Put a rack over a large sheet pan.
-Dip the chicken pieces into the egg white, remove excess, and coat with the breading mixture. Press the crushed pretzels and crackers into the chicken.
-Place the breaded chicken pieces on the rack.
-Bake at 375 F for not very long at all, probably 10 minutes MAX (lee [reference for specific people] ). They are tiny pieces of -chicken breast ... they'll cook super quick.
-Enjoy, with condiments of choice! Or alone, with some salad if you are feeling like a ridiculous human being, because why would you eat salad with chicken nuggets. And eat a delicious dessert to replace the calories you didn't get from frying yo nugz. yummerz. 

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