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December 22, 2011

peppermint bark medallions.

Oh hai thur! I'm home for good, fellas. Fellas makes me feel like I'm from a Spaghetti Western, the genre of Western films that were produced by Italians, namely Sergio Leone, who also went by Bob Robertson in order to appeal to a larger American audience.

I took a History of Italian Cinema final a couple days ago, if you can't tell. That's an immediate side effect of finishing finals - your brain, now saturated with copious amounts of information, starts making relations of mundane things to things you learned in class. 

Someone said "rules" yesterday .. immediately thought of cadherins. Thank you, cell biology. I still feel a need to wholly understand how those proteins work ..

More importantly though, are peppermint bark medallions, which might be the easiest things you could make in the history of ever.

First you get some chocolate. I chose dark. I recommend dark. Melt it until it turns into something you'd want to bathe in (a la those vats of melted chocolate at Hershey's).

After melting, get your molds ready. You can use anything as a mold, as long as it is prepped. My recommendation? Use silicon a silicon muffin pan! They work perfectly. 

Spoon the chocolate into the mould. That's right, old-timey usage of the word.

Accidentally get chocolate on your fingers and lick it off. This step's particularly important.

Now, make sure you have some crushed peppermints and candy canes. How to crush them? Put them in a ziplock bag, cover the bag with some paper, and then stomp all over the bag as much as possible. Good anger-releasing technique, really. 

Sprinkle the crushed peppermints / peppermint powder all over the chocolate, and press down lightly, to make sure the peppermint bits will be secure when the chocolate solidifies. 

See a hint of my new caramel pants? LOVE THEM.
And I would reference the color to food.

Chill for at least an hour and a half, until the chocolate is solid again. Arrange prettily, and serve to people. They'll be super impressed, and it'll have been so easy, especially with the silicon! The medallions literally just pop out, easy peasy. 

And they look fancier as medallions, as opposed to the traditional chunks of bark, too. It's an ideal size, visually appealing .. perfect, really. The bottoms are smooth, too mmm. 

Make em now & give them to your loved ones. And your enemies, too, I mean, it is Christmastime after all. Enjoy! 

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