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July 7, 2012

tell me about: "Alter Eco" Dark Chocolate Quinoa Bar!

When I become a billionaire, I'm going to spend all my money at Whole Foods. Kombucha tea? Chia seeds? Make-your-own almond butter?

Yeah, definitely. At that point, I won't be circling the store in awe for half an hour, or covertly munching on large amounts of the caramel apple cinnamon popcorn and guacamole with chips that were put out as samples because I would already have all those things at my own home, stocked in cute containers, ready for delicate snacking.

In the meanwhile, I'll have to settle for little things I can afford, like this unusual chocolate bar.

This is such a weird sized picture.

This probably wasn't the smartest decision on my part. Why? Because chocolate melts, especially when you carry it around everywhere in a hot place - say, for instance, Arizona. And you're really out of luck when the mini fridge your room comes with fluctuates between 39 and 57 degrees F. 

Well, the bar is apparently best stored at 70 degrees, so the fridge was more an issue for the quart of milk we were trying to keep from spoiling. 

But if you disregard all that, this bar was actually really good. It costs a little less than 4 dollars. It is safe for people with gluten allergies and completely vegan. Furthermore, it's advertised as being ecologically friendly. 

So claim-wise, it's pretty impressive. I was interested in how the chocolate would hold up taste-wise, though. I mean, quinoa? Eh. Quinoa in chocolate? EHH. 

But I do not lie one bit when I say I loved it. I kept eating it throughout my trip! The quinoa is indeed (as the front of the bar claims) toasted to a crisp crunchiness. This is exactly what I always want Crunch bars to be like. The chocolate is dark (a prerequisite of mine), 60% cocoa, and crunchy from the quinoa. 

I love it. The price is a bit much, and there's nothing crazy unusual (like the cherry chili bar I saw) but if you're splurging and want something comforting & reliable, it will satisfy. 

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