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October 2, 2013

open-faced garden sandwich.

I'm a fan of the "super healthy meals, indulgent desserts" lifestyle (at least until my metabolism completely breaks down). Lately, actually, I've been pretty on top of cooking almost all my meals or eating salads when I do go to the dining hall. Desserts are at a minimum. And I've exercised three mornings in a row!

But there's always that one day that trips you up. The week leading up to that day could have been long. You might have been stuck in a 3-hr lab killing live fish with scalpels and smashing snails with rusty wrenches before massacring their bodies in search of teeny tiny parasites (and disappointingly not finding any :( ) An odd allergy season may have descended.

On these days, you eat a sandwich like this one. And then you go out to Brother Jimmy's with the girls to share a swamp water and the best pulled chicken nachos you've had in a long time. It's okay. It happens.

Besides the nachos and macarons that your best friend just happened to surprise you with (ROSE, RED VELVET, and PISTACHIO ones!), this open-faced sandwich can also heighten the awesomeness of your day.

I'm not a proficient cook by any means, but I do enjoy working with certain ingredients a lot. Hummus, feta, kalamata olives, and more recently, capers, homemade basil pesto, and goat cheese, are standards in my quarter of the fridge.

I use simple things to make delicious healthy meals that leave me feeling satisfied but not gross as if I've just overeaten. This is a favorite of mine, because it's so easy to switch up based on whatever's in the fridge. Also, gotta love sandwich thins. Great for toasting, impromptu makeshift crostinis, and the perfect size for Gardein Chipotle Black Bean veggie burgers.

There's no recipe to this, so I'll just walk you through what I did. Adjust according to taste.

Toast some form of bread - I used Sandwich Thins.

While bread is toasting, make an omelet. Mix an egg with some salt and pepper, pour into pan. Add corn, onion, jalapeno, and shredded spinach when the edges start firming. Flip omelet when the edges are slightly more set.

Spread hummus on the bread while it's still warm. Top with omelet. Put chopped kalamata olives, sundried tomatoes (stored in oil), and crumbled feta over the sandwiches.

Consume. Wasn't that too easy?

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