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November 3, 2014

halloween-inspired treats.

I'm not the scary Halloween type - I'm more the "let's make halloween-themed desserts and decorate the house with huge spiders, witches, ghosts, and pumpkins so I can pretend I can handle scary" person.

Hence these desserts came out a little cuter than planned. Nonetheless! I made a vow to make one themed dessert for every week of October, and I was able to mostly stick to it. Below are a couple examples that of what I made to celebrate Halloween.

Spider chocolate chip cookies! What inspired my vow. Totally stole this idea from the Internet.

Green mummy cupcake bodies! (Vanilla cupcake + vanilla frosting)

Look at dem creepy eyeballs.

These eyes were easier to place.

Finale! Made these for my coworkers -- Pumpkin-shaped, blood-splattered, and a little cute.

Can you see the pumpkin and bat sprinkles?

I was most proud of this splatter. 

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