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May 26, 2011

quick lunch update 1 - pita sandwich.

I made tomato jam again - by myself, this time - with these beautiful plump little tomatoes.

You know the section of the grocery store where they have fruit and vegetables that are a little past their prime? And so they're on sale because otherwise they'd go in the garbage very soon? Yeah ... that's where these came from. No shame. They were perfectly fine (after I picked out the bad ones) & they made beautiful tomato jam.

And so I had a nice light lunch of an egg white omelette with spinach and tomato jam in a pita.

I whisked an egg white with a little tomato jam and salt. I had a little bit of extra chopped garlic (from a marinade I had made) and threw that in a pan with some canola oil. Let it toast. Dumped in the egg white. Let it cook through. Folded it in half in the pan before throwing in some spinach that quickly wilted. Lined a whole wheat pita pocket with more tomato jam & put the contents of the pan into the pita. nom nom nom. So good and easy.

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