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May 30, 2011

quick lunch update 2 - salad.

I feel like I should have a name for these lunch sneak-peeks. Hm. I can't think of one, but I really want something creative & interesting. Hmm. Ummm. Er. Uh. Yeah nothing's coming, I will use numbers until something hits me!

Yesterday night for dinner, I knew I primarily would eat slices of the orange pull-apart loaf I made recently, so I decided upon salad for dinner. I never grew up eating salad as a meal ... It just doesn't fit with my culture. But college (I should say university, since I technically attend a university, not a college) changed me for the better in that I ate salad a lot. Especially Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays when the next best choice is the chicken stuffed with broccoli, which sounds delicious, but not when it was on the menu a few days back ... and you're probably eating reheated leftovers of three days ago. And plus, the salad bar is fairly well-stocked. I love the craisins and pumpkin & sunflower seeds they have! That along with the feta and some baby spinach .. oh my.

The other day I said "oh my," aloud. And my friend laughed out loud and called me an old person. Is that an old person thing? What about drinking prune juice? And eating prune butter? And taking pleasure from a back-breaking day doing yardwork and weeding?

Ironically, my nickname, "yaya," means grandma in Greek.

So today there was no spinach left, so I chopped up some romaine as the base of my lunch. And added a few other texturally varying items. See if you can pick out what I added!

-romaine lettuce
-red & green bell peppers
-extra firm tofu
-granny smith apple
-chickpeas (LOVE THEM)
-toasted walnuts
-zucchini, cut into half medallions

In an ideal world, I would have added sunflower seeds. But the ones in my fridge are rancid, unfortunately. Trust me, I tried ignoring the fact, but they were pretty bad.

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