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June 1, 2011

quick lunch update 3 - tuna sandwich.

Today I ate a tuna sandwich. But I didn't use mayo. Impossible? NOT AT ALL.

I adore tuna sandwiches. How? Well, I will admit, nothing beats a little bit of a salted egg yolk & oil emulsion serving as a binding agent for some canned tuna in water. Packed between two hearty slices of whole grain bread with a generous amount of s&p, OH BABY I could eat it all day long.

But the traditional version is not particularly healthy and I feel like the sandwich could have so much more to offer.

Here's what's up:

bowl. fork.
half a can of tuna.
mash in some chickpeas (freshly boiled, if possible)
a little salt, pepper, and parmesan.
finely chopped up scallion - throw those in.
(^that is where most of the flavor lies - scallions<3)
healthy squeeze of lemon.
slather a little tomato jam onto two slices of whole grain bread.
eat all the little grains that fall out of the bread.
pile on the well-mixed tuna mixture onto bread.
sprinkle liberally with salt and pepper.
complete the sandwich. serve with a cold glass of lemonade.

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