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June 28, 2011

mango pudding pops.


I mentioned in a post a while ago that I had come back from a run & had some inspiration.

That inspiration and desire for something cold and refreshing resulted in popsicles! I had one of those homemade popsicle tray things from .. whenever my mom got it. Probably since forever. Actually, I saw an exact replica of mine in a museum in New York, dating back to 1955. So yeah, this is historic art, folks.

Anyway, it fits 6 popsicles at a time. I made four fruit juice ones, and then I saw my mom cutting mango before I poured the last two. I originally was going to blend the mango with yogurt but used a vanilla pudding cup instead. Blend blend blend until creamy and mostly uniform in consistency. A few chunks of unblended mango ended up being nice surprises later when I ate one.

Froze em.

Took em out a few days ago and ate one.

Mmmmmmmmmmm. So refreshing. They are a little icy because there is a lot of water in the fruit, but the pudding made for what I expect would be a better consistency than yogurt, which would add even more water. They are not too sweet, actually, and good at satisfying cravings.

I also almost feel bad writing this into a recipe. Make these today, yah?

Mango Pudding Popsicles
created by me. this was not even inspired by anything other than the beautiful mango fruit. and commercialized food product. 
  • about 1/2 mango, peeled & roughly chopped - preferably fresh (use frozen or canned if you must)
  • one vanilla pudding cup, or 3.5 oz of vanilla pudding
  • popsicle mold or plastic cups
  1. Blend the pudding and mango together. Don't forget to put the lid on the blender. I can't give you much more advice than that. Oh and press the button with enough force .. yeah that's all I got.
  2. Empty the mixture into the popsicle mold or plastic cup. If using a plastic cup, insert a plastic spoon with the concave side into the mixture and freeze.
  3. To remove, heat a cup of water for a minute in the micro. Put the mold into the water for less than a minute and voila! Cutting away the plastic cup may also be an option.
Try with different fruit and different pudding combos. Butterscotch & cut up peach, perhaps?

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