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June 4, 2011

quick lunch update 4 - sandwich.

I need a new name for these so badly. I was thinking of abbreviating "quick lunch update" and just saying QLU, but that may be difficult for new readers of my blog & it is neither cute nor catchy.

Why is there a spoon in the below picture? Not sure.

Anyway, my mom and I were making a quick visit to A&P for some dinner ingredients when I saw this rosemary focaccia on sale. It was on sale because the sell by date was that day. However, I was convinced that my family (of EIGHT) would be able to finish the bread quite quickly. There were only a few pieces left for the next day, and it was with two of these pieces that I built the foundation for my lunch.

I had come back from an intense run (in very hot weather in the middle of the day, not one of my brightest ideas) and wanted more protein than I would usually eat in my lunch. I had four egg whites leftover from some baking I had done, so I whipped those up with some tomato jam, salt, and red chile pepper powder before making a quick omelette. My mom had left a black bean & spinach mixture with which to make enchiladas (one of my two favorite-est meals ever), but I just couldn't stand to eat anything hot.

Why did I make an omelette then, you ask? I made the omelette and let it cool before eating it. Yep. This is how the assembly went:

Rosemary focaccia smeared with tomato jam.
Half of the omelette placed on bread (I ate the other half later. I tend to eat small meals throughout the day.).
Some of the bean&spinach mixture placed on top of that.

Random slab of tofu on top of that. (Tofu has lots of protein!)

Another piece of focaccia smeared with tomato jam to top it all off.

And then half an orange. And watah to drank with mah meal.

FUN FACT: My brother took the SAT's this morning, and all of yesterday I had helped him with some last minute studying and taking practice tests. I also drilled one word into his head: soporific. I figured one word is better than nothing and easier to remember soon before the exam than a bunch of words.
Got a text later from him informing me that SOPORIFIC WAS ON THE EXAM. WHAT NOW SAT BOARD, WHAT NOW?

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