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June 22, 2011

tofu sprout lunch.

I decided I would just say what I ate for lunch instead of trying to come up with some fancy pants name. Why was this such a difficult solution to come to? I am not sure.

I have been loving this Thai place I have been to a few times. It serves authentic, absolutely delicious Thai food.

I enjoy their food and its flavor so much that I have tried recreating it at home. I went ahead and impulsively bought bean sprouts from the grocery store, even though the bag was huge and I had no idea how I'd be able to finish them all.

I also got some tofu, and used this new thing my mom actually introduced me to, called Liquid Amino. It is a salty-tasting seasoning, and it is actually pretty good. The remainder of ingredients, I pretty much had on hand. Instead of a structured recipe, I will just do a brief outline.

How did the final dish compare to the restaurant's meal?

Well my dish that I made at home was not the same as the one I ate at Pat Thai, the restaurant. I tried, in vain, to look up how to make a soybean sauce or garlic sauce, which is the base of the tofu, sprout, and scallion dish I enjoy so much. But I don't have miso or soybean paste, and this was a quick lunch. So I improvised. And I enjoyed it! The sprouts were a little TOO crunchy, so I might steam them next time. But overall, I liked this a lot. It is also so incredibly healthy, I love it!

-Cut out some pieces from a block of tofu. Drain on a paper towel to thoroughly dry as much as possible.
-Heat a neutral oil (like canola) in a pan.
-Add fresh, grated ginger and garlic. The ginger is going to add spice.
-Throw in bean sprouts. Quickly stir before ginger and garlic burn. Ever eaten or smelled burnt garlic? No? You don't want to. Yes? You don't want to ever again.
-Add salt, pepper, and ground red chili pepper.
-I threw in some spicy green chutney made from coriander, as well. It's a staple in many Indians' fridges.
-Remove the seasoned bean sprouts from the pan.
-Add a little more oil (or dab each side of the tofu with oil), and add tofu to pan. Do not just throw it in, as you want the tofu to get golden. Brown the tofu on each side.
-Add the bean sprouts again to heat up and spread the seasoning to the tofu.
-Transfer to a plate. Spray with Liquid Amino, if desired.
-Eat steaming hot.

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