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January 3, 2012

avocado hair mask.

Oh look, a beauty post! I made and used this mask this past Friday, December 30, 2011. Last year, to be specific. He he.

Saturday I caught up on sleep before driving myself & a friend over to Danielle's house for New Year's Eve festivities! That was a dramatic drive... let's leave it at how grateful I am to Exxon and to the drivers of the cars I passed as I sped past three lanes for not following me the wrong way into the gas station and beating me up.

And through the entire night, my hair looked super shiny from this deep masque.

we know how to smile ...

The mask is superrr easy to make.

-Take half of a ripe, soft avocado.
-Mash the heck outta it.

-Add a 1/2 tablespoon of honey, and 1/4 tablespoon of olive oil, if your hair is dry.
-Wear an old t-shirt. Have a hair tie & disposable shower cap ready.
-Apply mask to every fiber of your hair .. that's an exaggeration. Well, the better you apply it, the better the results.
-Tie your hair up with your sticky, green avocado hands.
-Wash hands. Put on shower cap.
-Chilllll outttt for half an hour - reread this scary moment with some dramatic Groban in the background, dance around to Higher, or be all reflective with Jake Owen as he belts out Alone With You .. oh wait, not the last one. new year's resolution: enjoy every moment of life and take a positive view of every situation. good, huh? never been much for resolutions, but I want to change my life views this year of TWENTY TWELVE AHH.
-Now you've done things for thirty minutes, go shower & I recommend making sure you thoroughly shampoo your hair. Also, bring a comb into the shower, a fine-ish tooth one & make sure you get dem avocado fibers outta your hurr. You don't want them in after you exit the warm steamy comfort of your shower.

Continue with your hair as usual - it should be shiny & soft!!

Make sure it doesn't appear too oily, that's the only issue this could cause, if you don't shampoo well enough. To avoid any such issues, I would suggest applying this deep conditioning masque not on the day you are having an event or anything. Do it the day before, so you have time to fix your hair should anything happen.

This is a pretty green (literally teehee) way of making your hair appear infinitely healthier. 

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