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January 8, 2012

pumpkin oatmeal + veggie burger.

So the other day I woke up early, by break standards - 7:45 am - and drove about an hour to the greenhouse where The Garden of Eden meets to plant, water, and harvest organically grown lettuce. I ate breakfast around 9 am, as I was driving. We worked at the greenhouse till around 2 pm.

At the end, I was eating the arugula that had been picked because I was hungry and wanted to munch on something, even if that meant eating these really bitter (the flavor was much more pronounced) tiny leaves.

With the knowledge that Thomas Sweet was in close proximity, I proceeded to spend about 15 minutes getting lost on Route 18 and going who knows where to park in a spot that was most likely illegal. But I mean, I wasn't going to be long or anything.

Well, the place I ended up parking was quite a walk from the ice cream place. I started jogging awkwardly with my hands in my pockets because it was freeeezzziiinnggg and quickly stopped when some frat (sorry. FRATERNITY.) guy came outside in shorts to dump a bunch of beer bottles in the recycling .. aka box on the side of the street. Well hey, he must've been cold in those shorts, so I win anyway.

Running aside, I speed walked to the place, made up for whatever time I cut in walking fast by taking forever trying things & ordering, before realizing they don't take credit cards.

And literally two minutes before, I had gone into the Thomas Sweet candy shop to 1. try all the samples they had out when the people working there weren't looking and 2. buy a dark chocolate covered Nutter Butter. (don't even try to judge.) I used my last two dollars there. And I only had a remaining dollar in change. How embarrassing.

I apologized to the server at the ice cream place (not feeling that bad, because there was no one there and she looked really lazy anyway), and was about to make a quick exit without my order of Dexter Freebish & Amaretto with rainbow sprinkles when the other person working there said there was an ATM across the street in the deli. And despite saying I didn't want it anymore, I would've looked worse if I didn't go to the ATM.

So I enter the deli, get assaulted by cigarette smoke & concede to the 2 dollar fee for using a non-Bank of America ATM, and re-enter Thomas Sweet to pay and THEN leave quickly, praying my car didn't get a ticket.

All that for ice cream. That I had to eat while driving on the highway.

So since then, I've decided I should probably eat more healthy - things like the below.

I've been adding pumpkin, skim milk, ground flaxseed, walnuts, 2 dates, and cinnamon to my oatmeal these past two mornings.

For lunch, I had this veggie burger that my mom made. Interestingly enough, it has very few vegetables. It has a little potato and mostly lentils. This thing was like an insanely tasty block of protein. I sandwiched it between a halved, toasted slice of whole wheat bread, with lettuce, tomato, onion, and ketchup.

I am also taking advantage of the nice (but ridiculous for winter!) weather and running outside. The other day I ran 4 miles. Today I went on a hike in a local park. When I come back home, I try to do some weights with my arms, as well as ab & leg exercises.

I hope to continue with my plans when school starts. And am excited to see my efforts come to fruition. Until then, tootlies!

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