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February 29, 2012

blueberry hazelnut coconut oatmeal.

I am here today to introduce to you - delicious oatmeal.

No sugar. Plain oats. Simple things combined to make the classiest breakfast you've probably eaten in a while, unless you have the good fortune of eating at CafĂ© du Monde every morning.

But us normal folk tend to either not eat breakfast (bad!!!) or eat breakfast sandwiches or something portable and convenient.

I won't necessarily concede to the fact that this is portable (although it could be! in a paper cup, I've eaten it that way for two years straight in high school .. while driving. so no excuses.), but it is quite easy. If you have ten minutes, I highly recommend it.

I had leftover toasted hazelnuts from Andrea's cake, and I have been making more oatmeal recently, in an effort to eat more well-roundedly.

Break up the chunks of preserves as you eat instead of immediately
stirring in. It lends, to me at least, a more superior eating experience. 

There's no recipe. But here's exactly how I made it:

1. Put quick-cooking oats in a bowl. As much as you want.
2. Pour in a little water, very teeny bit. Then pour in as much almond-coconut milk (review coming soon!) as necessary. If that is not available, I would use a little pure coconut milk diluted with a good amount of water.
3. Cook oatmeal until done. Make it to your desired consistency. I like to make it on the thicker side (no comments) and then pour more almond-coconut milk as it comes out of the microwave really hot. This cools the oatmeal down and lets me control how thick I want it.
4. Stir in some cinnamon.
5. Sprinkle on some toasted chopped hazelnuts. Stir.
6. Then spoon on a little blueberry preserves. Don't stir.

** This is the most beautiful combination of things. Personally, I didn't need anything besides the five ingredients above. The coconut milk adds more than enough flavor and creaminess to compensate for lack of sugar or anything. If you need extra sweeteness, you can add a little brown sugar, which would be amazing.

After that, appreciate its beauty and the sweet scent of coconut and toasty nuts. And eat it, scraping every single bit of oatmeal before it hardens to the bowl (or mug, in my case) and becomes forever unreachable. That would be a travesty. 

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