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February 13, 2012

tell me about: Naturally More Peanut Butter!

I really like peanut butter. Freshman year of college, I went through seven jars of peanut butter - the 40 oz (2 lb 8 oz.) ones. Not including all the pb I would eat in the dining hall.

Maybe I should've started out with less disturbing stories. At least I got a lot of protein! And fat .... but protein! I need protein now. These weekly Monday yoga classes are getting to me. As is the hour of gym time I put in directly after each time. And the one hour Just Dance session I had yesterday ... I don't care if you think it's sad that a Wii game affected me, it was intense. 

Need protein to feed all that torn muscle, you know. And this peanut butter has not only protein, but iron and fiber! Yeeeey everything I need. 

There's a blood drive tomorrow. Every blood drive for me ends in disappointment. I guess not eating red meat is detrimental to my blood-donating abilities. Maybe I will eat this entire container of peanut butter right now so my body will be ready to fake enough iron in about 12 hours for me to donate! 

Yeah, right, and then I'll be too rotund to fit into my dream little dark red Fiat 500, wing and all. Well at that point I guess I could lumber on into my yellow Volkswagen Samba Bus aka DRIFTBUS.

Gran Turismo is a wonderful distraction, especially from things like impending orgo exams and actual schoolwork! Did I ever mention how my US2 History AP (did you know schools offer online tests to place out of these classes? why the hell was I not at that high school) teacher's brother dropped out of college because he played WoW too much? 

I'm skeptical, but he seemed serious. Is WoW even big anymore? Remember Runescape? Played that game for a day, it got old fast. Those damn buggers .. not the ones from Ender's Game, though. Now that's an excellent read! That and Life of Pi. I really want to discuss those books with someone. 

I also want to hear other people's opinions on the Greek crisis going on right now. The austerity measures that may be implemented are like .. the opposite of a recovery plan. They plan to have a decrease of 150,000 jobs by 2015. And a reduction in minimum wage. That sucks, man! Greece might default! Isn't that a big deal?! 

Uh oh, I was supposed to talk about peanut butter. Okay, so this peanut butter is awesome! It really is. It is of the natural variety, so stirring is required. No big, just gotta use those yoga arms. When you first open the container, there are a ton of flax seeds on top. That's what makes this peanut butter "Naturally More." It has flax and wheat germ added, for increased fiber & other nutrients that may not be immediately evident from the label. Flax has fatty acids that are unbelievably beneficial for your body. Wheat germ has tons of vitamin E and healthy oils. 

Stirring distributes the seeds, which cuts the peanutness of the peanut butter. You can taste the flax. It is not a good choice for people accustomed to the really sweet Skippy and Jif regular peanut butter. It will be best for people who like natural peanut butter and are interested in variety, because natural peanut butter has little variation. 

Hopefully, if you've been seeing it around, my review will make you want to try it! It goes well with pretzel crisps and in oatmeal. Also, by itself. I don't eat it in sandwiches, because it's not sweet, and I prefer regular peanut butter for sandwiches. End of rant/review/my failed at trying to be productive night. 

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