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October 20, 2012

fall harvest salad.

Rainy days are so annoying. Unless you're sitting inside doing nothing all day, well then they're beautiful. You get to be lazy, bum around, and snack all day. It's pouring outside today, but I tried to make an effort to change up my usual rainy day diet of snacks and cookies.

I realized I have been eating so sporadically. All excellent food! Apple pie bars, korean [also superior] version of Chipotle (kbg!), tiramisu. Absolutely delicious, but not quite along the "healthy" plan I had intended. 

So I made a salad for lunch. I used our refrigerator's meager resources. Bell peppers (the orange ones!), corn, roasted butternut squash, and tomato would've been great additions, but alas. 

First, I made a huge bed of spinach. I recommend baby spinach. I used regular, because I didn't pay enough attention to the label, and I got full as soon as I started eating because it took so much chewing! I would've ripped it into smaller shreds, but I had just done my nails ... 

Oh, the vanity.

I sliced some fresh, garden grown zucchini from my aunt and apples my mom gave me when my family had gone apple picking. 

I cooked 2 egg whites with sriracha. Transfered that directly from pan to spinach, so the heat could wilt the spinach a little. I also sauteed some sliced mushrooms with spicy garlic paste, let them steam to soften a little, then coated them with maybe 1/2 TB thai dressing. The mushrooms also got dumped directly onto the salad. 

Some salt and pepper, and I was solid! I toasted and added some walnuts after the pictures were taken. Adjust to your liking. 

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