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October 29, 2012

owl cupcakes! (+ other Halloween-themed ideas)

Do you have any plans for Halloween?

I'm not a fan of the holiday. My favorite part are those thick Reese's peanut butter cups shaped like pumpkins! And the candy corn. Brach's has my back. 

Despite my general aversion to Halloween festivities, I did think writing a piece on Halloween-themed finger foods for the university newspaper would be a fun idea! These adorable cupcakes were featured.

The editor asked if I could provide pictures. So I made cupcakes and decorated one of them as an owl. The process took about 45 seconds, and proved that the idea really is as easy as I lauded it to be in the article. 

First, obtain cupcakes with chocolate frosting. You can make them, from scratch or a boxed mix. Or you can buy them! 

Second, obtain Oreos. Split open two Oreos, so you have two halves with cream filling. Stick them onto the cupcake, to serve as eyes. 

Use brown M&M's as pupils. Use a red/orange/yellow M&M as the beak. Alternately, you can do as I did and use a candy corn. Just hide the white part in the frosting, or bite cut it off.  

Make the frosting spiky by using a knife. Just make up and down motions with the knife, dragging the frosting upwards. See how I made teeny little ear-esque frosting spikes in-between the eyes?

Voila! Your owl cupcake! 

You can add these things to your Halloween festivities, too: 

Mummy Hotdogs - roll out crescent dough and cut into 1" strips ... wrap hotdogs (or vegan dogs!) each with one strip, leaving gaps and a large gap at one end for the "head" ... bake ... use mustard or ketchup to make two dot eyes.

Spider Dogs - cut a hotdog into quarters ... push 3-4 spaghetti noodles through a quarter, so the hotdog piece is like a bead in the middle of these spaghetti strands ... boil spaghetti like normal ... result? the hotdog forms the spider body, the now limp strands of pasta form the legs. 

Sugar Cookie Fingers - get premade (or make your own) sugar cookie dough ... cut strips approximately the size of a finger ... make an indent at one end (where the nail will go after baking) and cut some ridges in the center to mimic the wrinkles on a finger ... bake as per instructions ... after cooled, dab some berry preserves/jelly onto the indent, stick on a toasted almond, to serve as "nail" ... dab some cinnamon into the crevices you made earlier to give a zombie-vibe. 

I gave the owl cupcake featured in the picture to this crazy kid who randomly got me ligonberry jam from Ikea. Ikea's Swedish food rocks. 

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