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November 30, 2011

spiced sweet potato cookies - rum-soaked raisins optional.

Yay for pictures! I took enough this time. These interesting cookies were definitely worth it.

Does this make your head hurt?


COOKIES. These are sweet potato cookies that have a ton of things in them. I have so much to say about them that I don't know where to start ... I'll use bullets.

All batter in fall should be this color. 

These cookies:

- cakey and very very soft. Usually I want cookies that are chewy and slightly crispy on the edge, but I really liked these! Only thing is that because they're so soft ...

- the raisins kind of ruin the texture. For me, at least. Although, if soaked enough, the rum definitely comes across.
- the flavor is great! I love them. There's a significant amount of spice, as well as fresh garlic.

Look at those fibers! 

- the orange zest + sweet potato works very well.
- speaking of sweet potato - you grate it for this recipe! And it's not grainy or stringy or anything weird in the final product. It's actually awesome. I've never grated sweet potato into anything, nonetheless cookies, before.
- you may think the granulated sugar required for this is ridiculously low, but the sweetness from the sweet potato and molasses is enough.

I think that's all. And my (as well as my family full of picky eaters') impression? Amazing. We all loved them.

Find the recipe here

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