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November 25, 2011

tell me about: Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate Cookie Mix!

I am home. That means I'll probably go crazy making things, now that my stress has significantly decreased and I actually have some time. What a concept!

perfect golden colour. 

However, I eased into baking one morning by making cookies using a mix that I had seen sitting around our house for far too long. It originally was on this shelf that was just too high for me to reach, which was enough resistance to prevent me from making them. But then I came home and my mom had moved them down to the countertop. Ahh, much better.

Well before the cookies, let me tell you about being home first. The 24 hours preceding the time my dad pulled up to the yellow poles in front of my building where I always get picked up were crazy. I had an orgo exam that Sunday night, and from late that Sunday night to Monday evening .. a lot happened. Also, I am beginning to turn into my mom in that I literally pack whatever little time I have with things to do. For instance, I left Monday around 6pm. But before then, I said I'd meet three different people and I had to pack, as well as wash some dishes, and do my chore for the suite. All between about 3:30 and 6.

You may be thinking, oh two and a half hours, no big deal. FALSE. I did half my chore (took the garbage & recycling out .. hopefully that triple sec bottle went undetected in the recycling bin), but forgot to swiffer. I brought my tea mug, plate, and utensils to the sink, but uh .. yeah, they'll have been sitting there untouched for a week by the time I get back. I met two of the three people I wanted to see. The person I didn't get to see was my best friend, whom I still have not seen! That is upsetting, it's been at least a month since I last saw her. But I did use her as an excuse (teehee - sorry suitemates! I did tell you the whole story after I got back, though (: ) to go see someone I really needed to talk to. That ended well.

And everything was awesome! I felt myself getting unbelievably happy on the drive home with my dad, and upon coming home and eating a typical Monday night dinner with my family, I was truly happy. Like, smiling-for-no-reason happy.

And it was that morning, when I had not only gone to bed smiling but woken up smiling, that I decided I would make cookies. Triple Chocolate Cookies, to be exact. What are the three chocolates is probably your first question - it's like when the professor says exam scores are out and goes on talking forever when all you really want (and at the same time, don't want) to know is the average. I'll get it out of the way - milk chocolate, bittersweet, and semi-sweet chocolate chips. I am not one for milk chocolate, but it's not really a big deal in these cookies, especially if you add toasted walnuts like I did.

I recently found the perfect gold nail polish! Love it. 

The mix is by Ghirardelli, which is already saying something (although I don't like the Ghirardelli brownie mix - I prefer Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker. But Ghirardelli everything else is amazing, like chocolate chips and cocoa.). It is a fairly large box that comes with two pouches of mix inside. They could have made the box a lot smaller .. but whatever, you know. All you need to do is add a stick of softened butter and one room temperature egg, per pouch. Well I say room temperature, the box doesn't. But are you going to listen to the box or me?

I hope you said me. Anyway, the typical batch yield is 24 cookies. I made mine smaller than I normally make them, but I liked this size. So I got exactly 30 cookies, without aiming exactly for 30. Which is kinda cool. And they were good. I added toasted walnuts to some of them, because although my entire family loves walnuts, my brother is the only one who doesn't. But he is also the one who consumes 85-90% of the things I make, so his preferences take priority.

The dough of the baked cookie was as good as the parts with chocolate chips, which is always a desirable characteristic of chocolate chip cookies. They baked up very uniformly, as should be expected from a Ghirardelli mix. Overall, they were delicious. And they lasted max 36 hours in our house, mostly only that long because my mom temporarily hid them. Hence why I have almost zero pictures, but you should take that as a good sign.

Okay. These crazy long posts (I used "crazy" twice in the same blogpost .. I notice certain words that authors use twice in an entire novel and I'm really aware of redundancy like that .. Is this just me? It could be) is what happens after a too long hiatus. Or maybe a particularly dramatic couple days. Either way, more blogposts coming up! 

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  1. how long do u have to bake these? sorry i just lost the box


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