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November 30, 2011

spiced sweet potato cookies - rum-soaked raisins optional.

Yay for pictures! I took enough this time.

It's really late, and I want to sleep, but I can't yet. Do you ever do that? It's so dumb .. Ith tho dumb. Oh god I feel worse writing in a lisp than speaking in one (I don't actually have one). Normal people don't even write in lisps. Normal people also don't stay up in random lounges claiming (to themselves too, not just other people) to be writing a lit review and end up listening to the hum of the radiator blowing air and staring off with an empty mind.

And then they don't think, oh that's sad, and proceed to play music. Feel good and upbeat music, you ask? No. No, not at all. How about Not Over You by Gavin De Graw? Or Marvin's Room by Drake? His voice is incredibly seductive. Mmmm.

And then, because they don't have orgo to read or Fistful of Dollars to watch, they go on to write a blogpost. That is most likely incredibly boring.

Hey. It happens. But keep reading, I have these amazing cookies to rave about!

November 25, 2011

tell me about: Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate Cookie Mix!

I am home. That means I'll probably go crazy making things, now that my stress has significantly decreased and I actually have some time. What a concept!

perfect golden colour. 

However, I eased into baking one morning by making cookies using a mix that I had seen sitting around our house for far too long. It originally was on this shelf that was just too high for me to reach, which was enough resistance to prevent me from making them. But then I came home and my mom had moved them down to the countertop. Ahh, much better.

November 12, 2011

tell me about: Moose Munch Chocolate Bar - s'mores!

Oh, hello. It's been a while. But I've had a lot going on.

For instance, tonight I just came back from a Masquerade Ball at the Zimmerli Art Museum. I went with a bunch of friends, and was asked to the dance by a young lad a few weeks ago, so we went together. My suitemate also came, which made it increasingly more fun, because we have similar ridiculous dancing habits. There were some interesting masks there.

We kind of prepped beforehand, but if we hadn't, we would never have known the pineapple juice - that no one thought to refrigerate from the last time we used it - had congealed and precipitated into unidentifiable solids. Also, the beginning of the ball wouldn't have been as fun, because the excitement had definitely dissolved by the end of the night, as my suitemate and I were getting yelled at for touching the walls. I will touch the wall whenever I so desire, m'am, and good day to you.

I don't know if I am making sense or not, I'm kind of exhausted. But that sounds like complaining, and I hate complaining. Know what I don't hate? The color mustard-yellow. And rust. And bronze. But especially those together.

Wait but what does this have to do with Moose Munch Chocolate Bars?

Nothing, I just want to tell you about my life. And my thoughts.

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